January 17, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Wally World is conducting an employee satisfaction survey. One of the questions asked is if you ever thought about leaving Wally World; another wanted to know if they inspired you to do the best possible job. Thank God the responses are supposed to anonymous. I'd be gone. Too bad that they didn't include a comment section. Or maybe that's a good thing. I'd still be writing.

To be fair, Wally World is not the worst place in the world to work. It is a means to an end. If you are a full-time employee, the benefits are good. And, let's not forget profit sharing and the discount on purchases. My dissatisfaction stems from the low pay. I saw a news piece on CNN, I believe, where a new store is slated for the Atlanta area in the near future and 10,000 people showed up for 350 openings. The hourly salary is $11. Myrtle Beach pays the same. Not in Ripley. Think I can commute?

Ran into the woman who took two of the puppies. They have been named Rocky and Prince. I understand that the little girl was ecstatic. Her Christmas was complete. And they are getting fat. Runt (I forgot his new name) and the other brown puppy (aka Butch) are also getting fat and rambunctious. Big Boy is digging holes in my yard which earned him his second spanking for the same thing. That boy's head is hard.

A Memphis television station and the National Civil Rights Museum have put together a fantastic site commemorating the Memphis garbage strike which, ultimately, led to the assassination of Dr. King. Can you believe that it has been 40 years since his death? The site is a great teaching tool and historical reminder. Take a gander. A View from the Mountaintop

Started back painting in the kitchen. Dreamed I fell from the ladder while doing something. Think that is a premonition? I'll try to be safe. Also picked up some paint for the bedroom. We're starting to get creative, again. The green doors to my bedroom have to go. Like them, but the color is limiting and will be repainted white (BORING), in time.

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GailTravel said...

Thanks for that site Gwen. I put a link to it and a shout out to you on my blog.