February 05, 2008

It's a Tornado, Stupid

In case you haven't heard, a tornado hit Memphis and surrounding areas. Considerable damage to a shopping mall and other structures, people trapped in buildings, downed power lines, etc., in and around the city. A semi was blown off the road on I-40 and the highway closed between Jackson and Memphis. The FOX affiliate took over regular programming around 4:30 (5:30 p.m., your time) and kept us "nervous Nellies" abreast of what was happening. Well, good grief, did they start receiving emails, phone calls, etc., because "American Idol" had been knocked off of the air? They were most apologetic in their response to the complaints. "We have a very serious situation on our hands." "It might not be over your house, but the activity continues in areas around you." "We love 'American Idol' as much as you do." No apology necessary as far I am concerned. Just tell me when to run for cover. My research of this area didn't indicate that tornadoes were an every-other-week occurrence. Actually, it showed a possibility/probability but nothing to get concerned about. R-I-G-H-T!! Hey, Jayfoy, it just might be time to go. Check out the Commercial Appeal.

And the thieves didn't break stride--over $500,000 in merchandise stolen by looters. You can believe by daybreak, the amount will have doubled. Pleas for folks to stay indoors because the police, etc., need to concentrate on the damage and evacuations. And the "American Idol" fans will get their fix at 10 p.m.

Holes in the house, holes in the yard, holes in the shoes. What are you talking about, Missy? Major caulking needed around windows and doors. Dog training for a puppy that loves to dig. New sneakers needed because Wally World and the washing machine have done in my solitary pair. Never did find the mate to the other pair.

I'll need to buy caulk by the case in order to fill in the gaps appearing from nowhere. And the warm days we've experienced have brought the birds out on wing. You just know they will find every crevice and nest. Boards are in order. Good grief, the house didn't look like it needed all this or did it? The casing around one of the windows in the barn/shed/garage got caught in the wind and needs to be replaced. Aaaargh!

Big Boy is in danger of having his paws amputated. I don't care how many toys you throw in the yard, leave him alone for a minute and he's dug half the way to China. Butt-thumpings don't work. He now just flops onto his back, stomach exposed, when I come out cause he knows he has done the wrong thing. Too bad I don't have any flowers to put into the ready-made holes.

And my sneaker? The tongue came out of the shoe! I've never seen such a thing in my life. They obviously were not made for constant washings. Shoes are not in the budget.

So did you vote today?

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