February 04, 2008

Big Blue Wrecking Crew

I'm talking about the New York Giants and their Super Bowl win. What else? I admit that I expected a blow-out or at least a Patriot win, but this game was spectacular. Almost as good as when the Redskins won with Doug Williams. (Will we ever get back to the Super Bowl?) I'll also admit that I got worried when Brady marched his team down the field with successive first downs. This quote from an writer sums it up:

"I thought the Patriots were going to win. The Patriots thought they were going to win. Now they just hope Archie and Olivia Manning don't plan to have any more sons. Last year, it was Peyton who ended their season. This year, it was Eli."

Analysts said that Brady was frustrated. Dazed, stunned, flummoxed--are better adjectives, I think. Tom Brady showed far more class in defeat than his coach. What a sore loser! He and Bill Parcell share honors for that spot. And leave Tiki Barber alone. If he'd been able to foresee the future, he might have stuck around.

Other things of note: Sit down, Paula Abdul. Alicia Keys was on the money, as usual. Couldn't get into Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers but thought their stage set-up, with the beating heart and moving arrow, was great. Budweiser took the honors, again, for the best commercials. The balloon fight over Coke was very good.

And before you think that I sat in front of the tv all day (close, but no cigar), I half-heartedly slapped paint on the green doors. It will take four or five coats before that green is covered completely. Found myself wishing that I'd had the foresight and resources to have someone else paint the house before I moved in. But I didn't. And, didn't know what I wanted done, anyway. So I am trudging along. It is coming together. Waiting for my windfall. Also sent out more resumes. If you get an offer from Allison Cole and Broyhill Furniture for a work-at-home position, it is a version of the Nigerian scam. Leave it alone.

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