February 03, 2008


Super Bowl Sunday! At last! And two weeks from now, I'll be crying in my beer (if I drank beer, that is) because the last game will have been played. Yeah, I'm counting the Pro Bowl which we all know is a farce but for us's as close as we can get.

Cut my hair. Didn't do a bad job; no bald patches. Close enough for clockwork. Got a few compliments and one look of disbelief when I responded that I did it myself. Also mixed my first can of paint. WhooHoo! Cut my first key. A few more attempts and I'll be ready to fly solo.

Back to football for a moment...Way to go, Redskins! Art Monk, finally, and Darrell Green both in the Hall of Fame. Alrighty then.

And let's talk super stupid. How many people have to get arrested, children snatched, molested, and/or killed before parents get the message? A dummy left a baby in the car while they came into Wal-Mart. The police were called. Wasn't around for the outcome. Another little boy became separated from his mother. Maybe he was 4 years old. She was paged over the loudspeaker. This dummy had gone outside with the rest of her kids. Excuse me? You didn't realize that one was missing? Better yet, let's start holding the smaller children's hands rather than letting them run all over the store like the heathens you're raising them to be.

It's a pity that dogs can't talk or maybe it is a blessing. If they could talk, Cindy would have blessed me as far as the eye can see. Yesterday was very warm and I headed home on my lunch break to let them out and forestall the "dump." Wasn't fast enough. Big Boy will go outside and sit and come back in and let go. I don't know how to solve that one but I'm working on it. Anyway. While cleaning, "self" spoke up and said to leave them outside. Why not? It was warm. If someone took them, I'd be very sorry and feel guilty but.... It sounded better and better. I chained them in close proximity but not close enough for them to entangle. They are accustomed to being outside and expect to come in when I come out. Not this time, boys and girls. As I walk to the car, they sit with heads cocked, in puzzlement. As I put the car in reverse, Cindy came around the garage and looked at me in major disbelief. She couldn't believe that I was leaving them--and outside. I could hear what she was saying. Fortunately the weather held and, though it was dark when I returned, they were just fine. Very happy to get inside. She paid me back this morning, of course. Jumped over Big Boy while I was opening the door and away she went at a very fast walk. Ignoring me, as usual. Why am I doing this to myself?

I'm off to get ready for the game--yawner that it might be. If you're not watching it, try checking out some of the shows lined up in honor of Black History Month. That's right. Learn about and celebrate our heritage. This site has a fairly comprehensive listing:

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