February 01, 2008

That's Entertainment

The Rock dropped into Wally World. Seriously. Or, rather, Ripley's version of The Rock. Mercy, mercy. Body building is not en vogue around these parts, at least, as far as the eye can see. The body types are pretty much similar: tall and thin; short and thin; tall and fat; short and fat; and obese. Some morbidly so. Muscular? Not. So this version of The Rock stands out. Probably would catch a fleeting glance in a larger community but, here? All eyes on deck. He's a member of the vaunted Ripley Fire Department. How do I know? The entire shift must have shown up at once. He towered over them and he's probably 6'1". No wonder there are a lot of emergency calls to respond to.

Caught Tony Braxton on The View. My, my. I was seriously short-changed in the body and talent department. She's the spokeswoman for the Campbell Soup and American Heart Association partnership. Sherri Shepard, whom I'll get back to in a moment, asked her if they made the dress in a size 16. Whoopi responded that they probably did but...NOT! Now, I've got some 16's in my closet and Sherri wouldn't fit into any of them. And neither of us would do justice to the dress Tony wore. Or anything else for that matter. Tony has heart disease, high blood pressure, and a son with autism.

Why am I watching The View? Especially after Rosie? Wanted to see how Whoopi would do. Think she does a good job as moderator. The topics have been interesting. Elizabeth's voice drives me to distraction. Voice lessons, please. And which ex-Giant is she married to? She and Sherri and their babies are a little too much for the kid. We're all proud mamas. But here's my problem. Why is Sherri there? The girl is a dunce. A Black version of the dumb blond. Her lack of general knowledge is embarrassing. Her primary role seems to be the distributor of gifts to the audience. I think I really wrote her off when they were discussing the economy and our indebtedness to China. She broke in to say she didn't know anything about it and here was the gift of the moment. Please!

And the commercials for tax prep services are a hoot and some so blatantly along the lines of Black exploitation as to be offensive. 'Mo Money Taxes offers a short film--I actually thought I was viewing a trailer for a new movie. Jackson Hewitt has some witty clips as does H&R Block. There's another company that shows Blacks dancing in and out of the office. All are touting loans on the refund. Since I was burned by H&R Block years ago, they will never get my business again.

Britney's latest trip to the hospital, complete with police escort, helicopters, yada yada, cost $25,000. I hope that she will be billed for it. Not that I am unsympathetic to the Brit but folks who can ill-afford an ambulance ride are charged an arm and a leg for the trip. I can assure you that Britney can afford to ride in a private ambulance and forego the accompanying publicity, as well. If that was the intention. Which we know, she wasn't trying to do. On a serious note. The girl is in serious need of help. I'm not sure that I'm buying the bi-polar claim--it's become a very popular, and convenient excuse. If she's bi-polar, I think the symptoms would have been evident long before now. Maybe they were and were conveniently ignored.

My florist friend has started to advertise her business in the local newspaper. Great! But in keeping with her first lady's wishes, she doesn't mention weddings or anything along that line. She specializes in funeral arrangements. This week's ad was for Valentine's Day arrangements. Good move. But the advertising has to be consistent in order to get a return. Leaving her and her business alone.

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