February 13, 2008

New Version of Old Song

"Thank you, again, for your interest in a career opportunity with .... We appreciate the time you took to speak with us regarding the position of Customer Service Representative. At this time, we have selected another candidate to fill the position." What a nice acknowledgment...except I was never interviewed. How can that be? I don't have a clue. I've been known to carry on conversations while asleep but ... I haven't been on any interviews or conducted any phone interviews this week. So who did they interview? Good question. It wasn't me.

Moving right along. Snowflakes fell this morning. It didn't even amount to a dusting; just a tease--a cloud passing by. Please keep all of your snow up north. I don't need it.

Keeping close tabs on the political scene. See that my former employer, Al Wynn, lost his re-election bid. Al has been in Congress for a long time. The winds of "change" blew through MD. Clinton carried Lauderdale County, TN, although Henning voted overwhelmingly for Obama. No surprise there. I'm still waiting for BO to tell me what his changes are and how they will be implemented.

Wishing each and every one of you a fantastic Valentine's Day. Since tradition demands that this holiday be observed, I treated myself to a very decadent chocolate cake. Delicious!

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