February 17, 2008

Why Did I Get Married?

A question quite a few of us have asked over the years and the title of Tyler Perry's film, now on DVD. Wally World is actively promoting its sale with a display set up in "action alley." I heard a gentleman read the title aloud and then, drawn out and very loudly: "To shop at Waaaal-mart." His wife was not pleased and must have made a comment that he was not being funny. Unfortunately, he caught sight of me cracking up in my section and was very happy to tell her that "the woman over there thought it was funny." And blessed me with a tremendous grin. Oh, man. Perry missed that reason. I am still chuckling.

Getting to be good with the paint. Like that. Don't like the messy hands. Need more practice with the keys.

I spotted a tot up front, at a vacant cashier's stand, loudly calling for his mama. "MAMA." Cute as a button, not afraid, no tears. Took him to customer service and propped him up on the desk while waiting for them to finish with customers. Asked his name. "Alex." His age. "Two." Mama's name. It doesn't matter. Paged the mother. Here comes this twit with a host of other children behind her. "What are you doing over here? We're in the grocery section. I should have known you'd be surrounded by women." Excuse me? The grocery section is on the other side of the store. He's TWO! Why wasn't he in the cart? I don't know about these children raising children. They tell me this happens with this person quite frequently. And wouldn't you just know that the other night, I passed my friend, Alex, playing with a ball at the far end of an aisle while mama flapped her lips at the other?

Another rejection. I think I just might as well give up on working for this company but they still send vacancy announcements and I, silly person that I am, just keep on applying. They didn't even try to fake the interview process; they just filled the position. This is becoming very depressing. I will never be able to make Serendipity's repairs on Wally's salary. Not even minor ones.

The brood? Cindy (aka Houdini) is becoming adept at slipping the leash. And you know what that means. See ya'. Back to the heavy chain. Slip this. Big Boy is still destructive; the yard looks like Iraq's landscape. Almost as tall as his mama and definitely more heavy. Very much a puppy, though. And, giving praise, two nights with no poop. Oh, Lord, I am so thankful. I cleaned so much poop the other day until I was most grateful to go to work. By the same token, it was waiting for me when I returned.

That's the word from the home front. Keep me in your prayers.

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