February 20, 2008

All in the Family

We're becoming a family of bloggers. Now if we can just make it pay. I could blog all day on any subject. Never at a loss for an opinion. Never have learned to keep them to myself. Not totally true. Sometimes wisdom steps in and silences the tongue. Probably not often enough but...there's hope. So my son has joined in the blogging adventure and having fun. Suggested to my sibling that he do one on the Redskins; that should surely pay.

Been contemplating mortality all week. Must have been the plethora of pains attacking me. Chest pains, leg pains. Driving home the reality that I am here alone. Driving home the reality that this year's birthday is the biggest one yet. Driving home the fact that I am, indeed, a matron, regardless of the cute haircut, yada yada. As for the pains, short-lived, just troublesome.

Dwelling on "A Dream Deferred." Sums up my life very neatly. Big dreams, few realized. One dream is/was to be self-employed. Capital is the dream-buster. Fixing Serendipity in my lifetime is another. Capital is the dream-buster. I saw a quote that said "being poor consumes a lot of valuable time" or something to that effect. Is that true, or what? So rather than bemoan being poor, I'll keep dreaming. Maybe one will come true.

Just learned that Runt and his brother were killed by Jessie's neighbor. How terrible. Seems their arrival caused a lot of problems. They managed to get into her trash and she had them picked up by animal control. Jessie retrieved them and came home one day to find them dead in her yard.

As for Big Boy and Houdini, aka Cindy, they are living the life. Cindy had the nerve to belch after eating the other day. Big Boy yawns loudly when I come to let them out in the morning. Still poops but not as frequently as before. Is he becoming trained? Oh, Lord, let it be so.

Sent around a warning about valentine email viruses. Someone I know deleted my message without reading it. Nice to know that my messages are read.

Prayers are asked for my cousin who underwent surgery for prostrate cancer. And prayers are asked for my favorite realtor's husband who has undergone more heart surgery. And as always, prayers are asked for me.

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