February 21, 2008


Not me, silly. The great state of Tennessee and Memphis, in particular. Why? The University of Memphis Tigers, rated #1 in the nation (and unbeaten), and the University of Tennessee Volunteers (Vols, for those in the know), ranked #2 in the nation, square off Saturday night in a fight for bragging rights as the best in collegiate basketball. Okay, so they're not Georgetown or Maryland, but when in Rome....

The game will be played in Memphis and the buzz is fantastic. Beale Street is the place to be. I'll be at Wally World. Tickets are going for as much as $10K. Is this the Super Bowl?

One of the newscasters who anticipated receiving her customary freebie tickets got bumped. For who? The Manning brothers--Peyton and Eli. Now, in case you've been in la la land--Peyton is revered in Tennessee. Why? He played for the Vols and had a brilliant career. Good grief, I just looked at his record and brilliant is an understatement. Peyton Manning How on earth did they pass him by for the Heisman? But, he didn't win in the Orange Bowl. Nevertheless, what Peyton wants, Peyton gets in the Volunteer State.

So, the place to be is Memphis, TN. Don't you wish you were here?

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