February 25, 2008

And The Race Is On....

Heeeeere they come, bundled up against the elements, faithful boosters raising a racket, running/jogging/walking/stumbling up Lafayette Street, on a bright, clear, cold, Saturday morning. That's right. A race/marathon/run right in the heart of Ripley. Excuse me?? Isn't that big city stuff? Apparently not, 'cause they ran right past Serendipity. I wouldn't have known a thing if I hadn't been outside unknotting, that's right--not untying-- but unknotting the brood. They have a knack for tying themselves into a knotted mess and then wait patiently for me to come and free them. Stupid dogs. But back to the race...I'll have to wait for the weekly paper to find out the what, who, and why.

Speaking of papers, I trundled, with the brood, over to the newspaper office, deposited my fiddy cents into the machine, and got home to find that I had purchased a November 2007, newspaper. Excuse me??? I was all excited, too, because the headlines read "Bobcat Shot." BOBCAT? Where? Good grief! What else is stalking in these woods?

Destructo, aka Big Boy, has started in on the linoleum on the back porch. They've knocked one of the boards at the base of a porch support off--got wrapped around it. And he has the nerve to bark if I don't bring the morning meal in what he considers a timely manner. Does he have nerve, or what? Guess he thinks I've forgotten that I put them outside for the morning constitutional. No, Big Boy, I just want you to GO! Bark when you need to go out, please!

And more running by Ralph Nader. Give me a break. Didn't he do enough damage last time? Maybe we should check the hidden agenda. Is it to ensure that McCain wins? And give Tavis a break. He's right. Obama was invited to speak at the State of the Black Union; to offer to send Michelle??? However, what did we expect? This man hasn't an inkling of the Black experience...he didn't get a taste of it until he reached manhood. Raised white, with Asian influence, he has not a clue, although he does use the African-American experience to his advantage when necessary. And, as someone stated in a column I read, we're like lemmings jumping off a cliff. Must give props to others' words. Glad to see him doing so well and taking pride in the color of his skin but the boy is shallow.

What else is going on in this neck of the woods? Got another extended vacation from Wally World--three days off. This is not good. Ripley Power and Light must be paid. Along with insurance, gas, water, get the drift. And I do like to eat. Something. Sometime. Still sending out resumes and assessing what I can do in the house. Decided that everyone was right; the refrigerator should have stayed where it was. But now I've had a light switch put in that area and to access it would mean reaching behind the refrigerator. Not likely. Thanking my mama for teaching me to sew (and the home ec teacher) because I can rework the drapes in the computer room, den, study, whatever, and come up with a window treatment that I can live with. Considering painting everything that is paintable--considering is the operative word. I swipe a paint brush, here and there, now and then. No point in wearing myself out. Repasting the border in the living room--it went from curling to falling. Thanking Mr. Cannon for leaving his super-tall ladder. Feel very comfortable on it. Maybe I'll patch the dining room in time. Maybe.

I think that is it for the moment. The dogs don't talk so keep in touch.

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