February 27, 2008

Are you Adjusting?

An old friend from my days at the MD General Assembly wanted to know if I was adjusting to life in my new home. The answer is: My home is Washington, D.C. I am living in Ripley, TN, where I have a house, a "job," and two dogs which I don't need. Am I happy? Mostly. Frustrated at not being able to accomplish the things I want to do; frustrated that the plan so carefully devised before leaving D.C., has not come to fruition. Of course, the plan didn't include buying a "fixer-upper," being so far from a major hub, or working for Wal-Mart. With all of that said, yeah, things could be better but I'm not unhappy. Blessed and thankful.

The things you don't know--like different salaries for different positions at Wally World. Hardware, photo center, electronics, and the pharmacy centers pay more than busting boxes in housewares and domestics. Who knew? They fired a very nice woman who had been there for eight years. Her husband manages the Save-A-Lot in Ripley. She was dressed down two weeks ago by one of the assistant managers and was very upset. Her husband advised that she take the matter to another level but I guess she didn't act fast enough. Based on what she had told me took place in that meeting, I'd still be screaming from the rooftop. There are two young girls who come to mind, make that three, that could have and should have been dismissed but this lady is meek and an easy pick. There's a placement agency in Ripley, Hamilton-Riker, that I've just learned about. Founded by two African-Americans with offices in four states. Who knew? Not Manpower or CareerBuilder but they might be helpful in finding something in the area. I'm on it.

Yeah, yeah, I'm back on the politics roll. I am assuming that you, like me and a million others watched the 20th debate between the Democratic candidates. Now, I told you months ago that this race was too **** long, but that is neither here nor there. 20 debates???? Please. To the point. Much ado has been made of Sen. Clinton's comment that she always receives the first question and it has been dissected a million ways. None, however, in the vein in which I perceived it. And you know me and my perceptions. If you have been watching, and I hope you have, the one who has to respond first defines the discussion. The second person, in this case, Barama, gets to duck the issue UNLESS it is so obvious that they must respond. Barama agreed with Clinton's position most of the time. Hence, he didn't have to step up to the plate and produce a reasoned response. Seems I'm the only one who looked at it that way. Not the first time.

Also ran across a clip from Harold Ford's failed run for the U.S. Senate a few years ago. No, I wasn't looking for it; I was trying to get information on the founders of Hamilton-Riker. And what was Ford's campaign theme? "It's Time for Change." Sound familiar?

Aside from that, the weather has been relatively warm. The first day of March was divine. But I was at work, watching people come in wearing shorts. Speaking of watching people, this older Black gentleman came in nattily-attired, bowler and all. He was doing alright until I looked at his feet--lavender and purple shoes. Oh, NO!

I've heard movement in the attic which means some critter and I suspect it is birds has taken up residence. Jonquils are appearing in small masses in spots throughout the yard. The yellowbells, which is what I've been told the bushes along the garage are, are starting to sprout. Unless some forsythia got mixed in with the plantings, that is the only thing I see blooming. It's going to be interesting to see what they really are. Has anyone heard of "naked lady"? They were trying to describe it to me but we'll see if I have any.

That's it for the moment. Breaking out the paintbrush, in earnest, today.

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