March 22, 2008

A Little Housekeeping

Not at Serendipity, though some things have been accomplished. No, tying up loose ends from previous blogs.

The dust-up at Wally World remains mind-boggling for old folks like me. The upshot is that the two co-workers had words. The daughters of one came to the store to whip on the other. The mother sat calmly while the daughters raged. Helloooo? I guess parenting skills, common sense, don't enter into the equation. The managers escorted somebody out of the store but whether it was the rabble-rousers or the threatened employee is not known. And, how's this for sensibility? One of the daughters is the manager of a loan service, located up the street from me. I guess professionalism takes a back seat after hours.

Finally got batteries that work. Here's the brood and the tulip tree.

So, Big Boy is about 4-months-old. Hard to remember that he is still a puppy. Seems like he's been around much longer. And look at the size of his feet! He is as tall as Cindy and weighs much more. Watching him try to jump is a hoot! Ka-lump, Ka-lump! Does anyone want to give him a home? The town requires that each mutt and kitty receive a rabies shot and be registered. So we have a date in early April. This will be his first ride in Abbie. I'm not looking forward to that or the effects of the shot. Trauma drama!

The tulip tree was lovely while the blooms lasted. Just about a week. The building in the background, across the street, belongs to the Baptist Church and is their activity center and school. It also serves as a polling place for elections. The bare branches belong to the pecan tree. Did you know that dogs like pecans? I didn't either but Cindy and Big Boy must have found nutritional value in them. Or, perhaps they satisfy their need to chew.

Finally got those louvered green doors painted. Several coats of white paint. If you hit against them too hard, they chip. I probably should have stripped them first and then painted. Too much work. I was conscientious and took off the door knobs, so they are now a nice, shiny black. Changed the look of the room considerably. Now if I can just get paint on the walls and decorated the way I think I want it.

Started painting the window trim in the kitchen. Got the bright idea to paint the shutters while I was at it. Man! Can't get the screws out to take them down--one was so rusted until the head broke off. But I'm persevering. Determined I am, if nothing else. So, I'm piddling there. Can't get close enough to the window (and afraid to stand on the sink cabinet) to paint the inside of the window frame. I'll have to work on that. If only my arms were a little longer. Still haven't figured out what color to paint the fireplace but it will come to me. I noticed that the white trim does brighten the kitchen somewhat but it also defines the space; something that the brown trim did not do. But the white shutters will be very nice.

Repairing the medicine cabinet in the main bathroom is next on the list. Why not replace it? Funds. Plain and simple. It's good, just a little rusty on the inside and that can be fixed with a little auto bond material. Gee, watching all of those do-it-yourself shows is coming in handy. And, SF, I hear you snorting way down here. "Do one thing at a time and do it well." I hear you. I hear you.

AND, the light in the foyer has FINALLY been replaced. What a difference that makes.

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