April 01, 2008

Nashville, Here I Come

Road Trip!!!! I'm excited. Why Nashville, you ask? Because we couldn't get SF into Memphis. So, off to Nashville, three hours up, three hours back. Lovely drive even if I didn't get to see any of the city once I got there. But there is always a next time.

The entrance to the airport is beautiful...well-landscaped and very pleasant. Rolled in at exactly 9:30 a.m., eta, only to find that the plane had landed at 9 a.m. Excuse me! It is always late into Memphis. Why would it change this time? Just to keep my long-standing record of being late intact, I think. SF is waiting patiently. Load up and away we go. No playing tourist this time because the brood is tethered in the yard. Stopped for a leisurely breakfast at one of my favorite eateries--Cracker Barrel. You know you've been away from civilization too long when you get excited about the gift shop. I love that place.

SF took over the drive back which gave me an opportunity to see things I'd missed on my first trip, last May, down Music Highway, aka I-40. The significance of the name totally missed me the first time. I got it this time. I-40 connects Nashville and Memphis, both known for their music. Get it?

It's an easy drive and "chatty Cathy" that I am, time passed quickly. Before you knew it, we were pulling up into the driveway. After stopping for dog food and new mats to replace the ones destroyed by Big Boy. Thank God, they only cost a dollar apiece. No noise, no barking. Did someone steal the dogs? Nope. They are tied up together in one big knot and can't move. Not a bad thing.

On the way up and back, around Jackson, I noticed huge swaths of trees which looked as though they were being cleared for a road or something. But there was no activity. It wasn't until we made the return trip to the airport that it sank in...the trees weren't being cleared for construction...this was the damage done by the tornado. They were snapped in two, bent to the ground, uprooted. OMG. Unbelievable.

My days off passed quickly. SF nailed down the flapping portions of tin roof on the barn/shed/ garage. Not a minute too soon because it became mighty windy down in this neck of the woods. Folks at work were talking about items being lifted out of the yards, hoods flying off of trucks (they had left it propped open), trees falling, and the newspaper showed damage done to some homes.

We also did a little yard work. Trimmed a few bushes; pulled out the scraggly evergreens in front of the porch (JB--trimming the dead growth off just didn't work); and mowed. My neighbor appeared (first time I've seen her since summer) and announced that she's looking for a new yard man. Her current one is having health problems. Geez, I hope he gets better. I was looking forward to using him a few times this year.

Came back from somewhere and was greeted by, none other than, Cindy, who had slipped her chain. She was having a high old time. If dogs can grin, she was grinning madly as she came around the corner. Gotcha. Again.

Got lost leaving Ripley for the airport. Can you believe it? Couldn't get out of this town for love or money. Finally hit the right turns and what did we run up on? Someone had chained a dog to a tricycle and left it in the middle of the road to get hit. How very cruel. And, no, we didn't stop which makes us every bit as cruel as the person who did it.

Enjoyed your visit, as always, SF. Thanks, little brother.

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