April 01, 2008


Who messed with Mother Nature? Good grief! I was only joking when I said that the weather would turn once I took up residence. I was only JOKING!

Torrential rains have added to the swollen creeks, etc., and everything is running over. I'm listening to them talk about the rivers in Missouri and Arkansas cresting and the flooding. Never gave any thought to the mighty Mississippi until I heard the newscasters talk about how they were keeping an eye on the river and the anxiety that it was causing residents there. NEVER thought about the fact that Ripley is on the Mississippi. Parts of Highway 19 are underwater. The "bottoms" have flooded. And it is STILL raining. In buckets.

Turned the crew out before the crack of dawn on Sunday and forgot about them. It had rained the previous night and the winds blew. No rain that morning but mid-day, the rains returned in force. When I realized that they were outside, poor Cindy looked like a drowned rat. She had no shelter. Not being chained, Big Boy had taken refuge under the overhang. Still soaked, though. I felt awful. But not as bad as I felt when I had to clean up the mess later that evening. That'll learn you, durn you.

And, naturally, I had to bring out buckets for the back room. I've given up on the front bath room. That portion of the roof will just have to be torn off and redone, as with the drywall ceiling. The vibrations from the thunder shook the house.

On Monday night, the rain came again accompanied by more fierce thunder and lightening. The noise could be heard through out Wally World. I've already learned that their roof leaks and wondered about mine. Why worry, silly? You know that it was leaking in the back room and in the clothes closet. I'm losing this game, badly. Awoke this morning to news reports of people being swept away in Memphis; one child's body has been found; they're still looking for the body of a retarded teen. The child was wading in a creek at his apartment complex but the water was too deep and swift. The teen slipped off of a walkway.

Electrical work continues, courtesy of a call from SF to the electrician who has a lot of drama. That's another story. But a heater is now in the front bathroom and I certainly hope the last of the contracted work can be completed this week. It's been a long haul. Next time, he won't get a laundry list of items to do. Maybe he's timely when there isn't all the drama going on.

Getting away from the 'bout those Tigers? Looks like they are the real deal. Into the final four and fingers are crossed. Go Memphis!

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