March 15, 2008

Signs of Spring

A fierce thunderstorm raged Friday night but no damage to Serendipity. More storms called for today. Strong winds, causing some of the metal panels on the garage/shed/barn to flap and sent the brood racing for cover.

There were a few rose-like petals on the walkway and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out where they had come from. The rose bush is not in bloom and the petals are a different color and size. While chaining Big Boy and, I happened to look up, and WHAT? A TULIP tree, in full bloom, sits at the front of the yard, nestled between the magnolias. Get OUT! I am so excited! I love tulip trees! The warm temps over the last three days must have been what was needed. And the yellow bells (forsythia for those of us from up North) are breaking out as well along the barn/shed/garage. Took pictures but the batteries are dead, dead, dead. So, you'll have to wait a minute or two for those.

My cheering birds (whoo-hoo) are back. I think I was told that they are mocking birds. Robins have made their appearance and the cardinals, brilliant red, can be seen here and there. Bradford pears are starting to bloom around Wally World. Spring is, without question, one of my favorite seasons; Summer being the other.

Major clean-up needed in the yard. Magnolia cones, downed branches, yada yada. The brick front scraping badly but it will be much warmer and consistently so before the kid takes on those tasks. Although the temps for the week are supposed to be warm, it is supposed to rain on the day off. Go figure.

The co-worker with the BLING necklace regalia came in with a new (to me) necklace and matching bracelet. We do have something in common. I have a similar necklace and earrings but on a way smaller scale. What a HOOT! To complete the outfit, he had on different color socks. At first, I thought he got dressed in the dark. Then I realized that it was a part of the look. Spare me. I said it before and I'll say it again--the BLING is FAKE! Business is not that good to buy a gold necklace the size of a lei.

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