March 14, 2008


Change comes hard and some fight it more than others. Such was the case yesterday when I hit Wally World. The boy's department was scheduled for a "light" makeover, consisting of flipping the layout of the underwear aisle and taking out a wall to allow traffic to move through the department more easily. The supervisor was not happy. Now, she was at the end of her shift. The people under her would not have to do the work. What's the problem? We're not talking about a new way of doing things, learning a new program, yada yada. We're talking about someone else doing the work.

Such ugliness; such hostility. I keep trying to convince myself that it was nothing personal. I'd never met the woman before so this hostility had to be directed toward towards the directive and thought that change was going to take place in her department.

Boys and girls, they took the fat from the duck yesterday. I was so tired and sore when I got home. Talking about chaos! The wall was just a panel attached to brackets and everything snapped together so we weren't dealing with major demolition. But there was no plan, Stan, other than the diagram on the paper. Instead of changing the fixtures to mirror the diagram and then moving the merchandise, everything was heaped on the floor. You know who was scrambling at 10 p.m., trying to get things up and off the floor, right? The major players had been long gone. Fortunately, I go in this evening so all of the fireworks will be over. I hope.

Management did some more housecleaning and let some people go. Finally got two of those on my list. No cell phones on the sales floor; young lady was on hers for 45 minutes so the story goes. This is a bad year for her. Understand she also lost her music scholarship because she was more interested in the night life than the school life. But back to the cell phones, the managers walk with theirs to their ears, nonstop. And before you way it is business, they have radios. Signs all over the place--do not clock other people in and out. Two got caught, finally. Got to go. One worked the jewelry department. I was asked if I would be interested. Jewries? Are you kidding me? The answer, unequivocally, is YES! I luv jewries! We'll see. Not as excited about that as the training coordinator position but the more I see of what he does, it may be a good thing that I wasn't tapped. Plus he says it is only 16 hours, which probably accounts for the amount of time he spends on the floor.

It was shirt-sleeve weather here for the past two days, so the dogs were consigned to the outside, even when I was at work. I'm convinced that someone frees one or the other, periodically, when they've become hopelessly entangled. I came home last night to be greeted by Big Boy, running free. His chain was entangled with Cindy's and I don't know if the clasp opened while he was pulling or if he was just freed. Fortunately, happy feet haven't hit him, yet, though he is wandering further away from his mom. She, on the other hand, given the opportunity is off to explore. I was straightening out their respective chains and, wham, she was gone, only to return a few minutes later. Had retrieved a bone or something from someplace. She hunkered in the middle of the back yard because she knows that I can't move as quickly as she can and this spot gives her plenty of space to run. A big game for her; a nuisance for me.

You'll notice that I'm giving you a break on my political opinions. It's temporary. I don't have enough time to give you the full benefit of my views. Be blessed.

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