March 11, 2008

Something's Wrong With This Picture

Wholesale slaughter took place in Memphis last week, on Lester Street, where six adults and children were shot and stabbed to death. Three other children, stabbing victims, survived and are in the hospital.

The City of Memphis offered a $30K award for information on the killer. The state of TN added $50K to the pot. A total of $80 grand. Supposedly, this is the largest amount offered for information in the state. Well, the killer was identified. It was the brother of a male victim. They had fought, over what is anyone's guess, and the massacre followed. Would you believe that this man, the alleged killer, had just been released from prison in January, after serving 14 years for murder?

But here's what is wrong with the picture. The person who identified him was one of the surviving children. But she/he won't get the reward. Why? The information was not PHONED in!!! Excuse me!!! Seems that this is the rule and they are sticking to it. Hopefully, sanity will prevail and someone will make an exception to the rule. Money won't replace a parent but I can't think of anyone who will need it more.

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