March 11, 2008

All The Way Live

Goodness gracious! Did Spitzer "spit" into the wind or what? To quote everyone else: "WHAT was he thinking?" You make your living prosecuting crime--one being the same one that was your downfall, build your reputation on being squeaky clean, hold forth as the epitome of morality, and then THIS? Talking about being hypocritical. What is done in the dark and all that.

Now, let me step up and say, we're all hypocrites. But when you build your life around a theme and then get caught doing exactly what you claimed to be against? Oh, my. I'm not knocking him for getting a thrill, it's done everyday, but good grief--go across state lines and import the flavor of the day? What? D.C., doesn't have accomplished courtesans, high-priced ladies of the night? Pay to play in D.C., stupid. Would've saved yourself some trouble. But trouble was coming. Regardless.

The question being tossed around today, among others, is: will he resign? ABSOLUTELY! Does he have a choice? His resignation should have been tendered at the same time he made his vague apology. No way can he survive this. The governor-in-waiting is an African-American, visually-impaired. That will make him the fourth Black governor in history. I missed one along the way. But, back to the subject.

And, once again, we have the dutiful wife standing beside her man. I don't have a problem with that, either. It's the way the game is played when money is at stake. I truly don't buy into the "family staying together" angle or is it only poor folks who don't value family, reputation, etc.? But, honestly, isn't this getting a little old? One thing for sure and two things for certain, if he wasn't getting any at home...he is not getting any now. And, his vaunted home life? Hell on earth.

Stay tuned. More at eleven.

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