March 10, 2008

A Geography Lesson

Why are Obama commercials running non-stop on the television screen? Because the primary for Mississippi is tomorrow, and Memphis stations serve portions of MS and Arkansas. When will I get it into my head that Mississippi and Arkansas are neighbors? DUH! (And where are the Hillary commercials?) Head south out of Memphis and take a right or left towards Jackson, MS or Little Rock, AR. A stone's throw. Oh, and Huntsville, Alabama, is about 6 hours from Memphis. I've really got to study a map to get these boundaries straight.

Did somebody say that the national politics are getting nasty? Think that the "red phone" commercial was a little below the belt? You need to check out the commercials running on the local scene. They have no problem outing your past history, denigrating your character, or just plain dishing dirt. Note to Obama: Toughen up. A candidate running for office in Mississippi is running a commercial about his rival that makes you go WHOA! Parties, squandering money, expensive dinners, lies--everything but sex. (I'm getting to that in the next post.)

And it seems the love affair between Obama and the media is beginning to pale. Pundits on the Sunday talk shows began questioning and opining on facets of the Obama campaign that should have been raised much earlier. One pundit has been reading my email, obviously, because they stated what I've been saying all along--the line on his stance on the Iraq war is old and he wasn't in the Senate to cast a vote, so.... Sean Hannity, not one of my favorites, is running a series on Obama and in the first session explored his church ties and those with his former Weathermen friends. Interesting. Not a smear but sure to raise questions.

Got foxed by my favorite dog, Cindy, again. Let her take her favorite toy outside for a game of keep-away. Now, you know that I am entirely too old to be chasing a dog. What did she discover but a bone up by the garage? How did it get there? Longest, curved bone I've ever seen. Toy gets forgotten and off she goes out to the middle of the yard and hunkers down. No amount of calling, coaxing, threatening, or bribing worked. Get near her and off she goes. Big Boy is in heaven; he just gets to run wild. Period. He hasn't learned to ignore me yet. She finally got tired of the bone and allowed herself to get caught.

Off to Wally World.

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