March 08, 2008


Three inches of snow closed the joint down. Four to five inches in Memphis. One area received 7 inches. Interstate at a standstill--please. It is now 12:23 p.m. and the snow, like a bite of cotton candy, is gone. Still on the lawn but the roadway is clear. Drats. I'd look forward to spoiling my perfect attendance record. Abbie has been backed up the hill. The last of the ice melt sprinkled where she sat overnight so that I can get up the driveway when I return. Next year, I will stock up on ice melt 'cause these folks don't understand.

Cindy went walkabout early this morning. Her chain was still buried. Went across the yard, turned at the garage and kept going. She's a sly one. Knows that going between the garage and the fence is a sure-fire escape route. Big Boy had more sense and promptly returned to the house. Needless to say, I closed the door and went about my business. She was sitting in the snow when I let Big Boy out later and the two looked like kids running from the playground. They both came back when called, this time.

The Player drives a big, white-on-white Lincoln. He and Kat Williams could be brothers. The resemblance, physically, facially, and height-wise is remarkable. He could probably also give Kat a run in the comedy arena. The boy is a crack-up. On the cutting edge of fashion, his coat has the tag attached and worn on the outside. Boy, I'd love to see how he fared in the big city.

The war is on in Ripley politics. Last week, the paper ran a letter from a resident claiming that the former mayor and candidate had tried intimidation tactics. This week, the paper ran a paid response from a friend of the former mayor who claimed that the resident had a grudge and was being influenced by the current mayor. Even had a little slander and libel going on with the accusations about the resident's character. We'll see what next week's edition carries.

The run/walk/marathon was a community event to raise funds for the high school's track team. Pageants are being held everywhere. But the exciting news is that the town of Halls is an entrant into the Horton Hears a Who contest tonight. I believe 11 towns nationwide will have a contest to see which community can make the loudest noise. The winner gets to premier the Horton Hears a Who movie. Their participation even made the Memphis news stations who exhorted everyone to drive out and help them win. Well, darling, the kid will be at work. And even if I were not, I would not be there.

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