March 08, 2008

Why Have a Garage?

I was adamant that the next house I lived in would have a garage. This after years on Gresham Place with people hitting my car, sitting on it, bouncing balls off of it, cleaning snow, and not being able to find a parking space near the house. Well, panic hit the Mid-South with a vengeance today. Schools closed early, events were canceled, programming interrupted to bring updates on the approaching storm. Another tornado, you ask? N O T! Snow. 5 to 7 inches. Lasting until morning. Big deal. We've heard forecasts of snow before and even saw a flake or two. Probably won't amount to anything.

It started snowing about an hour before I left for work. The dogs had fun. I figured Cindy would balk because she does not like being in the rain. Can't say that I blame her. But, no, she and Big Boy cavorted all over the place. The roads were a little slushy but nothing to fret over. Or so I thought.

Boys and girls, the snow came. Not a lot of accumulation (of course, I'm writing this at 12:59 a.m., and it is still snowing, so who knows what will be on the ground in the morning. Not enough to get into a sweat about. Folks called out and by 8 p.m., the store was virtually empty. As it should have been. Wally World, in its rush to usher in Spring, has no electric blankets, heaters, or snow melt. The items people wanted.

I'm cool. Not enough snow on the ground to get excited. I've been assured that salt is applied to the roadways. If I can get up the hill and up the driveway, I'm good. Well, surprise, surprise. Nothing had been done to the road leading to the square. I made it with no problems. Even traversed the street to the driveway, which had absolutely no tire tracks on it. Then the problems began.

Hit a slide going into the driveway. Can't pull in. Okaaay. Now, we'll just turn around (since the car wanted to do that, anyway) and back in. N O T!!!! Nothing to do but get the snow shovel, which I had been told I wouldn't need, and start shoveling the driveway. Those that have been to the house know that it is a hill and a long way to the garage. But I persevered. Let the dogs run wild (couldn't find the chain under the snow) and they had a ball while I shoveled. And shoveled. And shoveled. Needless to say, Cindy took advantage of the moment and disappeared but she didn't go far or stay long. Put them back in the house so I wouldn't run over them, sprinkled salt (which I was told to leave in DC and, when I got here, that it would not be needed), and tried it again. And again. And again.

Abbie had no intention of going forwards or backwards. She is parked at the mouth of the driveway. Where I guess she will stay until warmer temperatures hit. They say that it will be 50 degrees on Sunday. This is definitely not the big city. I guess I expected to see the salt trucks running like in DC. Oh, that's right--I don't live there anymore. One thing is for certain and two things are for sure--someone in this area shovels snow and I need to find him. So, I ask you again, why have a garage when you can't get to it?

How's this for collusion? Cindy was due for a new collar, remember? Why did I come up to let them out and find that Big Boy had chewed the damned collar to a shred? It was just hanging by a thread around her neck. Now, just what were they doing? Took his off and put it on her. He hasn't gotten happy feet, yet, but Cindy must be tied to something or she's off. Bought her a new collar this evening. With all the shoveling and trying to position the car, I didn't realize that she did not have a collar on. When I turned on the light, what was laying on the floor, in shreds, but Big Boy's collar. He had a field day with it. I am too through. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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