March 05, 2008

It's A Rough World

Talking about life in general; life down here in particular. That's right. Violence in Memphis is horrific. Six family members, including two children, were found shot to death. Two or three other children are in critical condition. Police have no clues. A man tried to shoot his uncle and then run him over with a car. They're calling it domestic violence. I call it INSANE. Forums, prayer vigils, increased police vigilance--nothing is doing the trick. And the gentry in D.C., think they have problems?

Speaking of insane--the ex-policeman found guilty of killing two deliverymen in the D.C. area was found to have the key to his handcuffs in his possession. Excuse me! What was the plan, Stan? Did he really think it was going to work? I guess he did. And so did the person who gave it to him. INSANE.

The world of politics is rough, too. No, not the national scene. I'm talking about politics in the serene hamlet of Ripley. The former mayor, now running for another shot in office, was outed in last week's issue of the Enterprise, for heavy-handed tactics. According to the proprietor of a new eatery in town, "Sneaky Pete's," he was accosted by the candidate for having the rival candidate's sign in his yard. Seems he was told things could get rough if he, the candidate, was elected. The owner was outraged and swore he would not be intimidated. Whoa! And there is a Black minister running for the office of mayor. I'd be interested in knowing whether this is a first and what pressure he will encounter. Think I'll sit this election out. That will definitely be a first.

Liquor permits, or requests for them, are the rage. Don't know what is better--living in a dry county or having a plethora of liquor establishments. I think I like the idea of not having to drive to another area to buy my pleasure. Of course, if anyone had to count on my patronage, they'd all go broke. Some new eating establishments also opened--all carry-out of course. A franchise of Starbucks, but under another name, also opened. As did a place which will prepare your meal for pick-up. That should be interesting.

I also learned that Ripley's train depot was located a few blocks from Serendipity. When I asked why the train no longer stopped here, the response was that "nothing stays in Ripley; things open today, close tomorrow." Isn't that great news?

Three cardinals were on the front lawn, yesterday, along with a host of other fine-feathered compatriots. Really stood out and brought a spot of cheer to a very dreary, cold day. Heard back about the "naked lady" plant. Hope there are some around the homestead. Threw out some wildflower seeds on the back slope. That's right--threw them. It was cold out there and I figure some will take and some won't. Let Mother Nature take her course. I'll pay more attention to the front and side. Think I want roses along the fence between my house and the newspaper. Azaleas, rhododendron, peonies, etc., out front. Here I go...dreaming again.

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