April 09, 2008

Game Country

Not sports, though TN seems to produce some winning teams. Go, Lady Vols. Two years running as champs. Hard to beat. But back to the point, this is hunting and fishing country. I asked someone what they did for recreation in the county and the response was, "We hunt, fish, and fight." Oops, looks like I've been left out on all counts.

Ammo shells are still being sold but not in the quantity they were. It's fishing season. Poles by the score are rolling out of the store. A customer asked me the other night to help them with the crickets. Excuse me? Not down my alley, let me get someone to help you. So then she asked if we had any bells for the poles. Bells...for a fishing pole? I thought this was a quiet sport--no talking and all that. Why on earth do you need a bell? Does it make the fish take the bait? So, I asked. Well, just in case you are as ill-informed on the fine techniques as I's to let you know when you have a bite. D - U - H! I knew that! I fell over laughing. Silly me.

Coming home, I spotted a fox going across the road. Excuse me...this is the "city?" Yes, I am having a few problems with the sight but this was not a tiny dog with a big bushy tail. It was a fox. To the hounds! I need a hunting outfit, ya think?

It rained last night but not enough to test the new roofing. Never fear, severe weather, including possible tornadoes, is on tap for the rest of the week. What? I have had my fill of those warnings, trust me. Surely, they can find another area to frequent. Pull-ee-ze!

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