April 08, 2008

Such Drama!

My, my, Serendipity was a hub of activity today, what with the roofing team on the roof as I cleared the shower, the fellow doing the repairs in the dining room appearing, confrontations, a little landscaping, and an angry dog. Good grief!

Such a pretty day that the Lord made. Warm temperatures and a good breeze. And, best of all, no Wally World calling. Dogs were out before the sun even thought about rising but the stint at Wally World and the late night, watching the Memphis Tigers fall, demanded that I return to bed for a bit. Hit the shower and heard the thuds of footsteps and materials. Whoa! Were they punctual or what?

The game plan is laid out. I climb up on the back to see exactly why there is a sink in the roof and am dismayed at the shoddy workmanship by the previous crew. They did put plywood over the hole but failed to put in support for the board and they didn't cut the damned board to fit correctly. Geez! Looked like some of my mammy-made work. About a 3/8 inch gap all the way around. At least they could have filled in the gap with caulk or something. Good grief! No wonder it continued to leak. And we won't talk about cutting the valley wrong. I now understand the terminology and the reasoning. Okay...I'm up here; how the hell am I going to get down? Very gingerly.

I've started digging up the azalea bush to transplant to the front. The current spot is too shady and it is scraggly but struggling to bloom. Don't know whether the transplant will work or not. But it has been moved. While I'm digging the new hole (I really am too old for this), here comes a fellow who wants to clear up the fact that he didn't do the work on the roof. Seems the current fellow told someone that he did. Well, why didn't you go to the fellow who said it? He was on the roof...I didn't say it. What on earth have I gotten into? Around to the back with gentleman in tow, made sure that the correct names were given and made it clear that I didn't have time or inclination to get into their pissing match. Well, he leaves to go back to his truck and Big Boy charged him. Thank God the dog was on a leash. I couldn't believe it. He was going beserk. Nothing was quieting him down and he was not being his usual, loving, playful self. Didn't I hear somewhere about dogs having a sixth sense or something? Probably knew that he was one of those who took me when I first got here.

Put a rose bush in the place of the scraggly azalea. Then started raking the dormant flower bed beside the fence. Wisteria? Wisteria in bloom...I am tickled pink. And violets are out in force under the trees. Gee, this can be so pretty. I've got plans for this bed, even if it means buying a plant per payday. Started to dig holes for the caladium bulbs around some of the trees and it was slow going. Dummy, you have a bulb planter in the house. Was going great guns until the inside man showed up. More drama.

Seems he and his assistant have had a "falling out." Not my issue. Don't let your love life interfere with my repairs. It's a long story that will have to be recounted later. Will need more stuff to repair the walls so a trip for that will be made tomorrow.

In the meantime, Miss Cindy rears up and what? Tits? Called the vet. Checking the bank account. If I have the money and it means I go hungry, spaying and simultaneous abortion are in order this week. Knew those happy feet were going to be a problem.

Finished painting the fireplace in the kitchen. Ugly. But it is done. Got a rug for the foyer, not the best of choices but it makes such a difference.

Well, the Tigers roar was cut short but Memphis is still excited. Gave them a terrific welcome at the airport complete with fire hoses, the mayor, and about 5,000 fans. Understand a parade is in the works. They did good. Will probably lose their better stars to the NBA but one never knows, do one?

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