April 05, 2008


I give in. The rains have defeated me. Uncle, uncle, uncle. My pittance arrived and rather than splurge on other repairs, it will be used to repair the roof over the bathroom and study/den/computer room. I give up. Two steps forward; five steps back. Perhaps the rains will hold off, as forecast, Monday and Tuesday. Severe weather is called for the remainder of the week. So where's the silver lining? No buckets, pails, covering the computer. Perhaps one payday, I can get the ceiling replaced; paint for the bathroom on another. Steady as she goes.

One of the items planned was to have Cindy spayed. Happy feet might just bring another brood. Can't take that anymore. Can't even think about it.

Still not believing that bingo didn't exist in Ripley, I did a little research. No form of gambling is allowed in the great state of Tennessee other than the state lottery. Against their moral beliefs. Well, adult bookstores are in abundance and the strip club scene is alive and well in the Bluff City, aka Memphis. What's up with the moral stance?

Haven't heard the results of the election. This weekly newspaper is for the birds. Thought that it might be listed on the city tv channel but haven't seen it yet. Stay tuned.

Wally World has decided that I also need to work in lingerie. Ooh la la! As you have probably guessed, the jewelry deal was given to someone else. A promise of more hours which, translated into mo' money, just might wipe the scowl from my face. We'll see. I really think that they need it kept up. As I've heard all week, "you're a good worker," "I can tell when you've worked my section," "I know you will work." Whoopee! Used and abused. Just give me more hours, please. The quality of the work is good whether it is for 6 hours or 8.

Congrats to KB for passing the course. Stick with it, kid. I'm pulling for you.

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