May 15, 2008

88 Tons; 262 Teams

What's that, Missy? 88 tons of pork and 262 teams are major components in the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, taking place today through Saturday. There are teams here from Norway and other countries. Competition includes shrimp, sauces, beans, but the main competition is PORK on the fork. Fair warning...this time next year, I want visitors so I can put pork on my fork, too. Book your air travel now. I've got plenty of floor space.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, is anyone tired of Barbara Walters hawking her book hither, thither, and yon, other than me? Good grief, you can't turn on any station without hearing an interview. And she slept with Sen. Edward Brook, a Negro (at that time, anyway), married by all accounts, and is dissing Starr Jones for her wedding? ( Which, granted, was over the top.) So, the wedding should have been discreet as was the liaison was? They had their careers to think of. Now that both have a foot in the grave, it's okay to discuss it? She could have waited until he died, at least. Hypocrisy to the max.

And what about the latest Obama endorsement? In case you were hiding under a rock, my presidential choice, Edwards, gave his seal of approval. Sounds like he's been offered the vp slot. Ya' think?

But back to life in the Big Rip. They finally got me on the cash register. Not by choice, believe me. I don't want to handle Wally's money. But...if it will keep me out of men's wear.... Thrown in, cold turkey. It wasn't bad. I only forgot to give a woman her change before I closed the drawer. Got a little taste of everything: loading money cards; cigarette sales; tobaccky; beer; ebt cards (food stamps for those of us not in the know); checks; combo check/cash/gift cards; voids; tax exempt. Good grief. What happened to ease a person in slowly?

And my immediate manager exceeds all bounds when it comes to territorialism. Boxes and boxes of plastic drinking bottles arrived last week, all green, and I was told to put them out. Checked with and gained approval from two assistant managers to redo the section enough to put them all out. Came in yesterday and, as expected, Mz. T had taken them all off the shelf (two full shelves) and rearranged the space to the way it was before. How on earth will they sell, boxed and in the bin? I guess they will appear next year, during the inventory period, like so many other things she had deep-sixed appeared this year. Not my problem. Just idiotic. But here's a question: If it is unhealthy to reuse disposable, plastic water bottles, why isn't it unhealthy to buy these things? Aren't they all plastic?

Rain is still falling in this neck of the woods. Moss is growing on the portion of the walkway that I managed to uncover. It is good for the plants but I just know we're going to need it this summer, if last summer was any indication. For the rose growers, a banana peel added to the dirt is supposed to provide needed potassium.

Congratulations to the divine Ms. M on her nuptials tomorrow. Congrats to Rev. Ridley on his seventh anniversary as pastor of GFBC. And, a big congrats to all the members as they celebrate GFBC's 130th anniversary. Send me a program.

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