May 15, 2008


While mowing the front lawn earlier this week, I happened to notice a brown package propped beside the door. Haven't ordered anything; don't want anything to inspect and return after 30 days (you know you always forget to send them back). What on earth can it be? Can't read fine print without the peepers. Who is this? Glasses on; the sender is in New Orleans. Alriiight! Number One Son and Daughter-in-law visited The Crescent City and sent pralines. Alriight! They are being savored and hoarded. Okay, I hear the laughter. Everyone who knows me knows that the sweet tooth will have demolished this box by the end of the week. Thank you. Thank you.

Graduation day has come and gone for the seniors in Lauderdale County. The local newspaper ran the names of each graduating senior. Pictures of those voted "most likely to ..., " "best smile," and so on were included. Sort of like a portable yearbook.

Everyone made mad dashes into Wally World for last minute purchases: pants; tie-extenders. Tie-extenders? What on earth is that? You know, the thing you put on your shirt when the collar is too tight. (Where I come from, they are known as a collar-extender.) Mental sarcasm aside, I took him to the notions area, in the craft aisle, since they weren't near the ties. Makes sense, right? The manager over there told me they would be with the ties. (Like I hadn't looked.) Well, duh! They need to be in one place or the other. Or both. Turns out they aren't in either because Wally World doesn't carry them. Let's try buying a bigger shirt. LOL!

A lady purchasing pants for her son (bought by price; not size) announced that Wesley Snipes was from Ripley. "Flies in for funerals and flies right back out." Hmmm. None of his bios indicate any connection with TN, much less the "Big Rip." Is he perpetrating or does she know from whence she speaks?

Gowns once again paraded through Wally World. I know that the store is the place to see and be seen but ladies, please. And celebration meals were held in Mickey D's. I'm sure they were held in other places, as well, but these people were gussied up and ready to go to the ceremony.

The first annual Barrel Race and Bull Bucking event will be held on June 7th. Come see Bill McEnaney and His Trick Pony. Cowboy Poker and Kid Goat Chasing. My, my. Unfortunately, I'll be at work. 60 miles from Memphis and Jackson, you say? Another world.

Still doing yard work. Big Boy and Cindy are busily making their contributions. Holes everywhere. Bushes trimmed by SF two months ago are totally out of whack. Honeysuckle and poison ivy are making great inroads, as are weeds sprouting along walkways and the patio. Geez! Talking about a woman's work is never done. I not making headway, anywhere.

Here's a photo of the rose bush in the back. The bush beside it needs to be trimmed or moved.

I meant to take one of the azalea bush as well but forgot. The magnolias aren't at their stunning best so I'll take one of them when they have more flowers.

My name has come up for employment consideration, again, at one of the prisons in Memphis. I interviewed there last fall. Maybe this will be my turn. Stay tuned. And pray.

The farmer's signing off. Have a blessed day.

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bandit said...

Lol, Now we know why so many packages get returned back to sender but we knew that this Package in particular was never going to get returned or we would have heard bout the crazed woman in Rip with two junkyard dogs chasing the Fed Ex man down the block!!!!