May 19, 2008

Lawd, Lawd

Snake-bit, I do believe. What's that mean, Missy? Trying to see the glass as half-full, instead of half-empty, here. Or, is it the other way around? After spending the weekend in fear that the interview slots for the secretarial slot would be filled, I was able to get an appointment. Whoopee! So what happens? I got a return call stating that there is a possibility that the position will be eliminated. Did I still want to interview? Good grief! What a predicament! Pass or hold? I'm holding. I'll see them on Wednesday at the appointed time. I being consigned to a life at Wally World?

By the same token, I received a letter from another state agency telling me that as a result of an audit, my score for the Office Supervisor position had been changed and that I was in competition with 29 other people. Can you believe my luck? Now, I don't have the notice providing my original score at hand (nor were they kind enough to tell me in the letter) so I don't know whether the score went up or down. Trust in the Lord with all thy heart; lean not unto your own understanding, and He will direct your path.

Speaking of Wally World. Ka-ching, make that cash register ring, girlfriend! Yep, they put me on a register without any help. Just call if you get in trouble. Lawd, Lawd. Running a cash register is a whole new arena for the kid. Didn't do badly; kept the line moving; only needed to call for help twice. Note to grocery shoppers: Put all of your cold items, soft items, veggies, etc., together on the belt. I'm trying to bag your food the way I want mine done--cold items together--help a sistah, will ya? Had a woman come through who paid for her items in coins. I've done it for cigs. And did you realize that a gallon of milk costs the same as a gallon of gas? One customer noted that he was going to get a milk cow. Makes sense. Perhaps I can stake one out in the north 40? Keep a few chickens in the shed/barn/garage?

Stepped outside yesterday, using the front door, for once, and witnessed a car passing with fingers pointing. Yes, it is still in disrepair. And, yes, it will be that way for a while. At the rate, I'm going, forever. Give me a job.

The great city of Ripley asked for applications for the position of Chief of Police, a few weeks ago. This week's paper ran a notice from the current chief that he was not quitting and had no intention of retiring. What's up????

And speaking of security, Wally fired the young man heading up security in this area. Rumors abound. One says that he nabbed a young woman for shoplifting in another store and that the family paid her way out and had him fired. Wouldn't be surprised. Things run a little differently down here.

The Mid-South Fair, housed in Memphis for over 150 years, is moving. OUT of Tennessee to Tunica, Mississippi. Seems they didn't like the choice of moving to Millington, right outside of Memphis, the location wasn't right. Could it have been the incentive of $5 million to move out of state?

Farmer Jane is on her way to the Farm Store. This should be an exciting trip. Happy birthday to all my May babies.

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