May 21, 2008

20 Minutes

Not what you're thinking. I'm talking about the length of my interview in Memphis, on Wednesday. If it was twenty minutes. Two the characters were the same but there was a new player in the room. Folks, I am going to be extremely honest--that two-hour drive to and from the big city was strictly a waste of time. More importantly: of GAS!!!

To begin with, it was a lovely day for a drive. Wore a pantsuit; trying to get the knack for dressing for interviews down here. Next time, I'll just wear jeans and a t-shirt or a blouse and slacks. "Haven't we interviewed you before?" Yep, starting to feel like old home week. Anyway, turns out that the position won't be filled before July; they are waiting for someone to retire and will make their decision. But...I was told on Monday that there was a possibility that the position would be eliminated...what's the real story? Doesn't matter; don't think I'm going to get it. But I enjoyed the drive.

The Hatchie River, flowing under Rte. 51, separates Lauderdale and Tipton Counties. With all of the talk of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flooding, it never dawned on me that this river may have flooded as well. I was surprised to look out over the fields and see that they were underwater, the lower branches of trees submerged. Gee, I've got a lot to learn about living down here and mighty thankful that I don't live in a flood plain. I hope. However, with all the train derailments going on, it makes me wonder whether any have or will derail on my doorstep. Hmmm.

The trial of former councilman Ford? Acquitted. On ALL Counts. Speculation is that the jury didn't buy the informant's story, even with the video of Ford pocketing money, that he paid Ford to influence council votes on his behalf. Dodged a big bullet. However, he faces another trial on similar charges. Stay tuned.

Seems that His Arrogance is self-made millionaire. Big-time real estate investor/developer. They are ticked that he had the foresight to purchase 16 acres of land in the early 90s and has developed it into a desirable, gated, sought-after community. With no city involvement. HATERS! They're calling it Willie Realty. And he's only dabbling in it. What a hoot!

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