May 25, 2008

The Brickyard

How appropriate that the Daytona 500 ran at the same time that I encountered more bricks in the yard. Just trying to get some plants out in front of the house. In 90-degree-temperatures, no less. Good grief, there are bricks all over this place--inside and out. I would have loved to see it when it was well-kept. A showplace, I'm sure. I don't think I'll live long enough to see it back in a state of grace. But, I'm not giving up.

Encountered a frog while digging...or was it a toad? Probably a toad. How would I know? Brought the brood up front so that Big Boy could stop his infernal barking. He believes that I am not supposed to get out of his sight. Cindy started a frantic whine. I thought she wanted to be over under the tree with her best bud. N O T! She picked something up as we were walking over. I thought it was one of the magnolia pods. N O T! She'd spied a baby bird fall from the tree. EEEEuuuw! I was tee totally through. Thank God she dropped it. Now, I just have to muster the courage to dispose of it. YUCK!

Had an infestation of tiny bugs, too small to see but a gigantic nuisance. They just loved my face and I'm sure they were embedded in my hair. I now know how junkies feel as they scratch themselves to death. Moth balls are all over the back rooms. Bombs set off and, finally, a measure of peace. Must have come in on my clothes. More bombs slated for this week.

A Black female detective, from another county, interviewed with the Ripley town fathers for the position of police chief. She thinks it went well. But we know that she probably won't get it. And will be very surprised, if she does. The current chief, as I told you before, ran an ad stating that he hadn't resigned or retired. However, it seems his contract was not renewed. We'll see how much sway he has. And after 31 years, I'm sure he has plenty. What a hot mess. Stay tuned.

One of the new assistant managers, Black female, has run into a few problems with her peers. We won't even mention the underlings. She is extremely pleasant and has a great deal of class behind her. Can you spell E-n-v-y? She asked the manager if she could treat her departments to lunch because of the excellent way we handled the inventory. Got the go ahead. Treated those under her to pizza. Well...someone complained to the manager who, in turn, gave her the blues. Excuse me! You okayed it. Watch your step, young girl. Smiling faces tell lies.

I made a point to watch the Memorial Day Concert on PBS. Not for the program, silly. To see glimpses of my hometown. That's right. I needed to see the Monument, Capitol, and all of those monuments. Needed to hum those patriotic songs, even "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." How appropriate, considering where I'm now living. And Gladys Knight looked fantabulous, even with the extra pounds. She makes matronly figures look outstanding!

Well, while you are having the cook-outs, picnics, or just gathering with friends and family, I'll be doing a shift at Wally World. Since there a bunch of chores waiting to be done, I won't mind being at Wally. Remember those that served and enjoy your day.

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