May 29, 2008

Making Work

That's right. As if there isn't enough work to be done around here, I have nothing better to do than add to the load. When will I learn? If it don't feel right--don't do it.

What on earth have you done now? Tomorrow, May 30, is the one-year-anniversary of my official move into Serendipity. That means I am a year -- well, okay, maybe not a year, but several months-- behind schedule in making this house a home. So, time to get cracking. Do something. Having the day off, with a late schedule the next day, I break out the paint for the bedroom. Under duress, mind you. I've been putting this off for a couple of months. I wonder why?

Ready, set, go. Moved furniture; assembled materials; spread paper. A hot mess. Wasted effort. Disappointment. Disgusted. Get the idea? The paint didn't look right when I poured it into the tray. It looked even worse as it ran down the walls. Isn't paint supposed to be thick and s p r e a d? Thin: no substance. Run: to flow, as a liquid. What about when it dried? What part of the description didn't you understand? The paint RAN down the wall. Colored water. Obviously, I got a bad batch. The bad news is that now I have to repaint that area. More work. Sheez! I knew that there was a reason for dragging my feet on this one. When will I learn?

Days of rain, a mixed-blessing, have caused things to sprout all over. Such greenery. Such height to the lawn and weeds. Good grief! I can't keep up. This yard will never have a manicure appearance.

Switching gears for a moment. The former press secretary is catching grief for his book? Anybody surprised? Disloyal, yada yada. And the Rev. Hagee's vitriolic sermons? Excused as being based on Biblical content? Rev. Wright's weren't? Is the Book of Romans no longer a part of the New Testament? Talking about a double-standard.

But back to life in the Big Rip. Caught a few of your comments about the "rodeo" event. Well, let me tell you...The Big Rip continues the gentile, cultured ways of days gone by. Musicales and book readings are hosted with regularity at homes around Ripley. When is the last time you've heard of such a thing in your neck of the woods? And there is a carnival in town. No children; won't be visiting it. Plus, the schedule at Wally World precludes any evening activities. Come to think of it...the schedule precludes any activities in which I might want to partake.

I need to be independently wealthy. Barring that, I need to continue my good health. Enjoy your day. Pray for me.


bandit said...

I seem to remember something called Something Wicked This Way Comes is this the Carnival you speak of?? An do you have a store in town that sells Needful Things??

DCnTN said...

Wally World.