May 30, 2008

You Won't Believe It

I promptly took the paint back to my employer and learned an important lesson which I am passing along to you. Steer clear of paint in the clearance section. The adages, "if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn't," "you get what you pay for," yada yada, are oh so true. My $5.25 expenditure has resulted in double work and more expense for me.

Seems that it is normal procedure to buy a can of paint, use what you need, fill it up with water and return it. Good grief! And I was the lucky soul to purchase the doctored can. Lordy, lordy, why me? When I took the can to the service desk and explained the problem, everyone started shaking their heads. "It's full of water; they do that all the time." Excuse me, folks, who would think of such a thing? There is one thing for sure and two things for certain, I am a fish out water down here amongst these cut-throat, conniving "country" folks. They've got a scam going on everything.

So, loving sibling, who gave me the good-natured ribbing about the paint: The Gresham Place paint, what's left of it, is holding up just fine, thank you. And it wasn't operator error. I knew somebody was going to come up with that one. Chauvinist.

On the way to clock in, I was told that I would be working in electronics. Whoo-hoo! Where is everybody? I haven't worked in that section; have no idea where anything is. And, not a clue as to the different games, etc. The last time I saw a game station was over 20 years ago. Picture me trying to expound on the virtues of any of the tv's, sound systems, etc. Better yet, envision me trying to wrestle one of those tv's off the shelf and onto the sales floor.

A co-worker told me that the fellow who works in electronics part-time was no longer employed. Well, he showed up at his normal time. Towards the end of the shift, he asked if I'd been told that he'd been fired. No. Seems that the rumor mill was working overtime: He'd been fired for saying something to the young, white, maintenance girl. Even the folks on the 10 to 7 shift had heard it. Sounds like a meeting between management, the woman who made the statement, and him is in order. (Is that grammatically-correct?)

My adopted child is trying for a transfer to the Brownsville store. Gas prices are too high and wages too low for the round trip from Brownsville to Ripley. I will really miss him when the transfer goes through. The price of gas will probably cause quite a few to rethink their positions. Ms. Abbie will probably expire from non-use before anything else.

Be Blessed.

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