May 30, 2008

You Won't Believe It! Part II

Well, good grief! The stomach (and the eyes) told me that there was nothing cooked for me to eat. So I took my industrious self to the freezer, pulled down some chicken legs, got out the trusty crock pot, onions and other ingredients. Now that I've gotten older, the less time spent in the kitchen is better. If I can make a one-pot meal, I'm in heaven. Crock pots are made to order.

Chopped, sliced, and diced. Put the crock pot on and went to work. Came home to aromatic smells. Happened to see a can of biscuits in the fridge. Oh, wow--throw them in the pot and have dumplings! N O T!!! Can't get the top off. Sealed tight as a drum. Tried to pry it off. N O T! Nothing to do but wait until the dish cools completely. Left it out overnight. It was too hot to put into the fridge and I wasn't trying to stay up until the wee hours of the morning.

Surely the top will come off, now, at 7 a.m. N O T! What on earth? Called Hamilton Beach. "You need to take a flat head screwdriver and go around the seal, using force." Thoughts of glass breaking, melted rubber, losing my food, go through my mind while she talks me through this process. The damned top is not giving an inch. "We'll send you a new top." What about the food? "If the top doesn't come off, cut the cord, send it to us and we'll send you a new top." What about the food?????

The top finally came off, with a loud pop! "I knew it would come off. We've improved the top, putting a hole in it, so that this problem doesn't happen." So, in other words, you knew about this before it went to market? And I just happened to get one of the defective ones? Out of the thousands sold? Can you say: Product testing? It could only happen to me. But...I'm getting a new top!

The food doesn't smell spoiled. Poured some of the sauce over the dog food. The brood seems to be thriving. Of course, Big Boy has a lead-lined stomach. He has devoured the linoleum on the porch with only a few instances of nausea. I'll eat this meal with a little trepidation. Maybe I'll just give it to the dogs.

I'm off to do limited yard work before hitting Wally World. Stay tuned.

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