May 31, 2008

What Time Is It?

If if is summer time (and with 90-degree-temperatures, I'd say we're close) and it is a Saturday, the lawn next door is being mowed, then it is 6:30 a.m. No problem. I'm due at Wally World at 7 a.m. That's right. They have lost their collective mind. Due in at 7:00 every day during the coming week. Now, hear me, I'm mighty thankful to pull more than 20 hours in a work week but I HATE being on any job before 8 a.m. And if you can make it 9 a.m., I'm even more pleased.

Not that my beauty rest is being disturbed, mind you. I'm awake and working on perhaps the second cup of coffee. It is just the principle of the thing. I like to ease into my day. You know...drink the coffee, watch the news, do the computer routine. Being at work is an abomination. A complete disruption of the routine. The standard routine people spout about getting home early in the evening, yada yada? That dog don't hunt. Every official entity is closed or closing and you're too damned tired to do anything around the house. Bah! Humbug!

If the thought of my being at work at 7 a.m. (on a Saturday no less) brings a smile to your face, picture mine when I was told to help unload the delivery truck on Friday night. Definitely not a pretty sight. Did I mention that I am too old to be busting boxes? If you understand that premise, then you know full well that I am too damned old to be helping unload a truck. Any truck, including mine, if I owned one.

Send these boys and girls back to school, please. They obviously missed the class dealing with scheduling and staffing. You see, you don't send most of the receiving staff home early when you are expecting a truck containing 2,000 pieces. That's right--I said 2,000 pieces. And a grocery truck arrived while we were unloading the first one. Thank God, I wasn't involved in unloading that one. Every muscle in my body was screaming. Cases of oil, dog food, computers, you name it. Even bypassing the obviously heavy pieces was of no help. Leg muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles, stomach muscles were screaming "RELIEF!" And then they had the audacity to want you to stock what you had unloaded. You have definitely lost your mind. I chose to go home. I am too old for this foolishness. And the team unloading the truck? Primarily women. Seems they don't know how to hire men, especially YOUNG men for tasks of this nature. Took two of the young men and put them to work in the garden center. Took two more and put them on the cash register. Put ME on the cash register! Women's Lib be damned!

Rolled into the store with a hitch to my giddy-up. I did say that the muscles were sore? The thing I was looking forward to? Answering the phone and allowing entrance to the fitting rooms. They have a stool. I can rest my bones. NOT! I wasn't surprised when I was asked to go to housewares and do my thing. Housewares had more freight than a little bit. No problem. My day was to end at noon so all that couldn't get done...wouldn't get done. See ya!

Dashed out of the store. I have an appointment to keep before 12:30 p.m. And you know I don't know how to get there. Map in hand; figured I didn't need Miz Maggie. Lies! Finally swung by the house and picked her up. She was disoriented but finally got me where I wanted to go. Swung into the parking lot and found that I was actually early. The truck hadn't arrived. We were finally told that it had been delayed and wouldn't be there before 2:30 p.m.; we could wait or go home. I opted to go home, grab a bite, a snooze, and since I now know where I'm going, come back.

What am I talking about? Angel Food Ministries. The next best thing to sliced bread, boys and girls. I am only too serious. With the rising costs of food, gas, and everything else, this deal cannot be beat. Doesn't matter whether you're flush, doing okay, or in need of additional help, this is definitely the deal of deals. Take a gander at the order for next month:

1.5 lb.
Rib Eye Steaks (4 x 6 oz)

1.5 lb.
Hamburger Patties (4 x 6 oz)

2 lb.
Pork Riblets

4 lb.
Individually Quick Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters

2 lb.
Breaded Chicken Tenders

20 oz.
Supreme Pizza

1 lb.
Mild Italian Sausage

2 lb.
French Fries

16 oz.
Sliced Carrots

16 oz.
Mixed Vegetables

32 oz.
Borden 2% Reduced Fat Shelf Stable Milk

6 oz.
Pancake Mix

15 oz.
Pork and Beans

14 oz.

7.5 oz.
Macaroni & Cheese

Dozen Eggs

Dessert Item


You can't fill up your gas tank for $30!!!!

I'm ecstatic. My freezer runneth over and I didn't even get the additional packages. Whoo Hoo! Angel Food Ministries

I have been blessed today. Hope you were too.

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