June 02, 2008

Say It Isn't SO!

Talking about Murphy's Law. The fridge's freezer is full. Hallelujah! So, why has the damned thing stopped freezing? And cooling. I'm just about too through. Didn't want to hook up the freezer on the porch because of Big Boy, aka Destructo, but I'm hoping the noise will keep him away from it. If it doesn't kick back into gear, I'll have to call my good friend, Criner, and ask him to send over his repairman. Can the sistah catch a break? Sheez!

Walked out the other morning and what did I see? The dog house was disassembled--in two pieces. That damned dog is too much for the kid. He has moved it from spot to spot and now, he has taken it apart. Puh-leeze! Cindy gave birth in that house and five puppies grew up in there. It never came apart!

You can see some of the holes that he has created. The yard doesn't stand a chance. Bought top soil and tried to fill some in--he
just dug that up too. The white stuff is lime. He wasn't too happy with that feature but he has got to be the going-est dog in history. Anywhere! Everywhere!

Worked in the yard all day. Good googly moogly. I have got to get a job that will afford me the ability to pay somebody, every now and then. The North 40 still isn't done; nor are the hills. Ran out of gas. Literally and figuratively. So the overhanging branches have been taken care of; some of the bushes trimmed and at least the front is mowed. If they don't wear me out at Wally World, I can do some more in the evenings. Not the best photo of the magnolia trees in bloom. There are four; two in the front and two in the back. This is one of those in the back. (Click on the photos for larger views. ) I took some of the front but I guess they didn't load. Another day; another time.

Alrighty, boys and girls, to the topic of the day: Obama's departure from Trinity. Who didn't see that one coming? And what comes first; your church or your political career? Can somebody say "career"? Because, no matter how you couch it, or the phraseology used, it comes down to exactly what Rev. Wright said: He does what a politician does. Before you jump to conclusions: No, the good priest's remarks were inappropriate for the pulpit. But haven't you all heard it; said it? I know that emails I've received have been full of just that type of rhetoric. And how dare those congregants applaud, cheer, laugh? Watch out, Trinity. Your records will be gone over with a fine tooth comb--looking for anything and everything. So does this mean that Obama will cave to pressure every time? Hmmm! And will he, as one pundit suggested, repudiate Black liberation theology? A new name for old time religion. Please!

And let's revisit the DNC's rules committee and their farce of a meeting on Saturday. Enough said. 1/2 of a vote? Four candidates to Obama in the Michigan compromise? Who told him to take his name off the ticket? Granted, the committee was in a "damned if you, and damned if you don't" position, but it still left a bad taste in this observer's mouth.

Take a moment to listen to this and be blessed. God is Good.

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bandit said...

Well I am glad to see the Junkyard Dog is living up to his nickname. An for the record concerning the dog house "sometimes you must destroy the past to raise the future"