May 12, 2008

What A Weekend!

A full 8 at Wally World, on Saturday, began with my leaving the house only to see that Big Boy had pulled up his stake and become hopelessly entangled with Cindy at her assigned spot in the yard. Hopelessly, wildly, tied in a knot. And they sat there patiently waiting for Missy to come sort out the mess. Not today. I'm due at 10 a.m. I'm dressed and have ten minutes to ride down the road and hit the clock. I just hate having my schedule disrupted. And hate even more the fact that I got off at 11 p.m., the night before , leaving time to sleep, shower, and go back to work. Sounds cruel but I put water in front of them and left.

Leaving at the end of the shift, the assistant manager told me to be careful on the way home. A tornado watch was posted. Not again! Sure enough, it is pitch black, at 7 p.m., and the heavens have opened up. Grab a meal to go from KFC and back to the house to unloose the brood. They are drenched. Oh, well.

The weathermen have taken over all channels. Take cover NOW! There is a tornado traveling up Rte. 51, has touched down between Covington and Henning, and Ripley and Brownsville are in its path. Fervent prayers. The tornado has veered and is traveling toward Brownsville, Rt. 19. Take cover NOW! Thank you, Jesus! Wait a minute, Rte. 19 goes right through Ripley...what if it doubles back or the path is so wide that....? Good grief! Power goes out. Is it dark in here or what? Back on for a short period; back out for a long period. It's like being in a spooky movie. Flashes of light coming through the window and then darkness. Looks like I need to get some of those oil lanterns on payday or some very good batteries and a very good, industrial-sized flashlight. Can someone tell me why the flashlights never work when you need them? The thunder and lightening end but the downpour continues. Dogs are not going out. Period. I pushed them out of the door and Big Boy flatly refused to leave the overhang. Cindy did what she needed to do. Quickly. Stern warning to Big Boy: "Don't even think about **** on my porch."

Sunday morning dawned bright, clear, and very cool. Fortunately, this area appears to have escaped a lot of damage. Arkansas took another major hit, as did Oklahoma, and Missouri. I'm exhausted. Must call my child. It's his birthday. Every few years his day and Mother's Day coincide. He rings before I call. Happy Birthday, dear Kevin! Happy Birthday to you.

My day is planned. I've got work to do. Starting with untangling the tie outs for those stupid canines. Took a trip to get groceries and other sundries. Not in the mood to shop but did pick up a meal to go. Mother's Day was peaceful. Had planned to send greetings to all the mothers that I know. Didn't get around to it. Hope it was wonderful.

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bandit said...

Ha Dorothy ahm glad u r alright and that your children are all right.My day of festivities went well