May 09, 2008

Bombed Out

If it is May, then one of the Fords must be on trial. You'll remember that when I hit this area, one of the Fords, a state senator, was on trial for being caught in "The Tennessee Waltz" sting. He just started his five-year-sentence at a white-collar facility in Louisiana. He was supposed to go to Texas or somewhere but was able to take advantage of the requirement that criminals be within 500 miles of their home. (I guess the folks being sentenced in D.C., aren't aware of this.) His ex-wife is also doing time for DUI offenses. Who's taking care of the kids? Sister, Ophelia Ford, also a state senator, was going through bizarre antics which she blamed on her health. Missed the opening weeks of this legislative session, hospitalized for anemia. This time it is former councilman, Edmund Ford, accused of taking bribes ($18,000--damn, a cheap date) in exchange for political favors.

The news anchors down here are a joke but, in this one case, they were hilarious. As the two FOX anchors chatted about something during the morning news show, a phone could be heard ringing. "Is that your phone ringing?" "Whose phone is that ringing?" "It's not mine; it must be Marcus'." "Marcus, man, answer that phone. Don't you know that you're not supposed to have your phone on?" "Why is anyone calling you; don't they know that you're at work?" Laughter can be heard as they cut to commercial. Management doesn't have to call Marcus on the carpet because his co-workers surely bombed him out. So, why, not even 15 minutes later, does the phone ring again? "Marcus, you need to turn that on silent." Maybe he should just leave it off of the set.

I'm pretty hard on the anchors down here, I know. But their delivery is so very different from their D.C., counterparts. "Thug," "lowlife," "crazy," "knucklehead," and other descriptive terms are a regular part of their delivery. And a whole lot of yuck-yucking. The FOX affiliate was up for 13 Emmy's, however, so they must be doing something right.

The short list for school superintendent is out and surprise, surprise, His Arrogance, the current mayor, is not on it. After announcing that he would resign in July to pursue that position, again, the question is: Will he still resign? And one of the candidates, from Buffalo, did not inform his school board that he was under consideration and it has caused a furor in his hometown. Mercy, mercy. Hope he gets the job because those folks are upset!

Finally got Big Boy to go inside the dog house. Slick Missy put his food dish inside. I thought for a minute that he would forego the food but, we all know, hunger pangs bring the strongest to their knees. Doofus is no exception.

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