May 07, 2008

A Winner

Yep, talking about me. I have finally won a contest. Hold the applause; I really didn't do anything except sign up. Wally World held a contest during the last quarter. My choice of products to push were the small glass candles for $1.00. All I had to do was keep the display neat and stocked. They won for volume sold at our store. Of course, if they had kept the merchandise coming, we'd have sold more. But, I'm happy. Prize to show up on the paycheck, which will be diminished by taxes. Cigarettes, gas, maybe a manicure?

Now, really, someone should have cropped this photo from the neck up or at least airbrushed the neck. And took away the mustache. Or, barring that, told me to fasten the shirt. But I got that product hand pose down pat, didn't I?

Found the remote. On the living room mantel. I don't even remember going into the living room when the sirens went off. I guess I was as spooked as Big Boy. Understand that there were touchdowns in Henning and Nutbush, in addition to the one in Dyer County.

The Player does not have children so the internet notice about him needing to pay his child support refers to another person by the same name. We think.

I was asked the other night if I missed DC. I miss the conveniences, although Ripley meets the basic needs. But this jumping into the car, traveling 30 to 60 miles, for other items is for the birds. I really miss the NEWS. CNN and the other cable channels have become a fixture in the household just to stay connected with the outside world. Even the Memphis stations cover national news sparsely. Now I understand the disconnect. Folks go to Capitol Hill knowing that they can do anything and the folks back home won't have a clue. Thank God for the internet. And, of course, I miss seeing friends, my child, and attending GFBC, as well as the occasional night out. But, thank God for the internet.

A new eatery, Scooters, opened up on the square, as did a carpet shop. Made a visit to both today. Just looking around. My good friends at the real estate office hadn't been to either and one is right next door and the other at the end of the block. I can report that Scooters serves a decent catfish plate. The sweet tea could use another spoonful of sugar but serves the purpose. Fried okra and cole slaw rounded out the plate. Hmm...they just might keep me from going to the gas station for the fish snack pack. Same price. Plus, I don't need to start up the car. They need to include a roll and utensils. I think they forgot.

Got back to the house and was fighting with Big Boy to get him into the dog house. He got loose and took off. What should be standing at the top of the walkway but a pregnant, white pit? Oh. My. God. I absolutely froze. Visions of being torn apart. The dogs being torn apart. Well, Big Boy's testicular stupidity had him chasing this dog off the property. Are you kidding me? No amount of screaming was bringing that big dufus back. I don't know where he went or how far. He came back, pacing back and forth, barking up a storm. Talking about worked up! And paying me absolutely no attention. I guess this was the equivalent of beating his chest. Sheez. Cindy, chained, is going berserk because she wasn't a part of the action. That dummy would have chased the pit until the cows came home. Too much excitement for the kid. I retreated to the house with my fish dinner.

Well, Memphis in May continues with the bar-b-que festival next week. Any visitors coming my way?

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bandit said...

U are the quintessential Wal mart worker glad to have another picture of ya.An ya should be proud the Junkyard dog wants to protect his mistress.
"Ps its good to know u did the tooth check before the photo cuz if not you would have surely completed the migration too the deep South"