May 04, 2008

That's For Old People

A little lady, on her walker, was barely making it down the center aisle last night. She spoke to her daughter who asked her did she have any food with her. "No. Why would I have food on me?" I chuckled to myself at the response and the way she reared back on her walker, feisty as all get out. In my mind's eye, I saw my mother and I. The daughter slightly annoyed but doing her duty. The mother, weary but determined to enjoy the outing. She was so fatigued, I asked if she would like for me to get one of the electric chairs. "No, that's for old people!" After we laughed, she told me that she would be 80 on Sunday and didn't believe that she had made it. Two occurrences of cancer, a heart attack, and a broken hip. Later, the pair passed by the meeting we were having and I mentioned to the manager that she would be 80 the next day. After serenading her with a sad rendition of Happy Birthday, the manager asked how long had she been a Wal-Mart shopper. "How long has it been here?" Misty replied that the store had been in Ripley before she was born. Her daughter chimed in with "She has to come every day. She's also a stock holder." I think we made her day.

Zero in customer service. That's the grade I will receive for my encounter with an arrogant s.o.b. I'm still steamed so I'll move on to the next piece.

There's a beautiful tree in bloom in the front, with hydrangea-like blossoms. I believe it is a Chinese Snowball Viburnum (had to look it up). The rose bush in the rear is also beginning to bloom. I have some that need to be put in the ground and will do that today. It appears that I'll have something coming into bloom just as the other dies out. I love it.

Cindy ran off to chase something last night. Not waiting in the rain for any creature. Big Boy is still not confident enough to keep going when called. So he came back. Cindy got locked out. This morning, her eye was shut tight as a drum. JUST GREAT! I don't have vet money. Kept rinsing it and dosing her with the last of the antibiotic. It has reopened and still looks weak but at least she's not running around like One-eyed Jack. Geez! Surrogate mother, pooper picker-upper, and, now, nurse. I didn't sign on for this.

The Beale Street Music Festival is in full swing. I'm in Ripley. I did make the move to enjoy Beale Street, among other things, right? TN is hopping all month. I'll be at Wally World.

A deputy in Dyer County caught a photo of one of the tornadoes to hit the area. Take a look.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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bandit said...

I guess Cindys Pimp found out she got fixed