May 03, 2008

More Tornadoes

Good grief! I'm going to die of fright before I die of old age. Seriously. Fear began early yesterday morning when I listened to the weather forecast but eased as the day progressed without any sign of rain. Around noon the sky began to darken. Then the rain fell and stopped. Let the dogs back out and started getting ready for my stint with Wally World. Pretty soon the tv programming was interrupted with updates of the storms hitting Arkansas and the forecast that that they would soon cross the river. Running notices that this area was under a tornado watch. Just Great!

I'm dressed and preparing to eat when the first siren goes off. Mad dash to retrieve the brood. Serious downpour of rain; terrific thunder and lightening. It's now 4:45 p.m., time for me to leave, and Mother Nature is having a fit. I'm not going anywhere in this and get struck by lightening? Don't. Think. So. Looking frantically for the 1-800 number to let Wally World know that I will be late. Can't find it. Call the store. A real joke. While I'm waiting for a member of management to come on the line, the siren sounds again. And stays on. Why the hell am I on the phone when I should be diving for cover? Run to the front to get the dogs who are going ballistic on the porch. Management finally comes on and tells me to call the 1-800 number. Sirens still blasting. Taking down the number, heading for the "safe spot," and dialing. Wouldn't you know that the recording (are there any real live people taking calls anymore) asks for the store number? How would I know? Hang up. Only a fool is trying to report to a recording that they will be late when a tornado is headed their way. Big Boy is frantic; Cindy is shaking but cool. I'm in a panic.

Siren finally goes off. Does that mean it is safe? Nature's fireworks have stopped and just a light rain. Okay. Where is the remote? Can't find it anywhere. Good thing I haven't forgotten how to manually turn off the tv.

Tremendous storms shook Wally World all evening. People were in and out between bouts. Buckets were set out; the lights flickered on and off. But the shopping went on. Nothing, absolutely nothing, keeps these people away from Wal-Mart.

I got home to find that, indeed, power was lost at Serendipity but everything else was okay. Reports are that a tornado touched down in Dyer County, right across the Lauderdale County line. I'll have to wait until Wednesday to find out if there was damage in Lauderdale. Still can't find the remote.

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bandit said...

Ha HA Ha Dorothy you are not in Dc anymore and I will get you and your 2 stupid dogs