June 22, 2008

Business or Pleasure?

BIG barbeque grill on the front lawn behind me. Lawn furniture. Tent with mosquito netting. Picnic tables with counter stools. A lot of them. On the front lawn??? The front porch/yard has a different position/usage in the South than its usage further north but just what is the plan, Stan? A business or family reunion? Dratted camera. The batteries are dead and I even took them out of the camera to prevent a drain on them. Photos coming.

In between responding to fires, medical emergencies, and cleaning the equipment, the boys at the fire station practice their golf swing. How do I know? They are very visible from the back 40. Nice level green. Hit into the woods all day long. No windows to break (unless they hook over my way; I don't think any of them can hit that far). One fellow has the stance but is cursed with the O.J. swing. Falls over every time. What a hoot! Nice work, if you can get it. Maybe I can practice my chip shot?

Scooter's, the only eatery on the square has been closed for a while, due to somebody's illness. I don't know if they'll be able to reopen. What a shame. I forgot to tell you that Lee's Barbeque opened on East Washington Street. I understand that he IS the one to get it from. "Off the chain" is how one co-worker described it. Haven't made the trip yet. Maybe he'll stay open for a while. Haven't been back to Henning to my good friends' place. No gas for gallivanting.

A little raunchiness from Wally World. Came upon a group of female co-workers clustered together, watching the front exit. What did I miss? Figured the police had taken somebody out. They explained that they were watching this super-buffed male and went into great detail. One called him "onion butt." The 24-year-old in the group claimed that in her entire 24 years, she had never heard of that. Another woman, in her 40's, explained that "it can hold a nickel." Lawd a mercy! In all my 59 years, I've never heard that! Said they didn't say anything to him because he was with another woman. Just admire the view, ladies.

Good grief! Just give away my money! Going through a previous paper, I happened upon the article listing all of the suits against the city in which settlements had been reached. Including the case of the man killed by city police just before I arrived on the scene. The family has asked that the amount not be disclosed. Trying to keep the vultures away, I guess. I understand that though the policemen were cleared of wrongdoing by the state, they are still on paid leave. What kind of foolishness is that? Put them back to work or ask for their resignation. Am I crazy?

Cindy's business is to chase every moving animal within eyesight, in the yard, next door, or across the street. It gives them great pleasure to taunt her by strolling lazily along. Such indignation! Frustration! Until she breaks free! Such joy! The chase is on! This morning I watched her stalk an unsuspecting bird. The girl is a hunter to the bone. She pounced; the chain brought her to an unceremonious stop. She's going to break her neck. The bird, of course, flew away.

It gave me great pleasure to "loan" my picnic basket to the local grocery store for their summer display. The deli manager was in Wally World looking for a wicker basket. NOT an item in that store. Ah, but "save everything, throw nothing away" Miz Gwen has what he wants. Told him I'd bring it to him in the morning. Showed up with the basket, dusted and cleaned, and my resume. My fee for the loan is to help me get a job. You just never know. Business and pleasure.

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