June 22, 2008


61 years of marriage. 61 years in the same house. Not me, obviously. No one on either side of my family has survived holy matrimony that long. Had the pleasure of meeting a cute couple, during a stint as people greeter this week, on their way from Indiana to Texas for a family reunion. Her first; didn't know this branch of the family and wanted to see how many cousins she had. So cute. She was under 5 ft. and he was about 5.2 (we'll give him 5.3 to save his ego). She on a walker; he, trim and dapper. 61 years? Truly blessed.

Met another couple yesterday, actually, met the husband for the first time. The wife and I carry the same first name. You've met her in my rambles, as well. Husband introduced himself as Rev. ____. In reply to "how're you," I responded that I was blessed. MISTAKE! A good twenty minutes later, I was glad to escape his ministry. Will never tell him that I am blessed again. Fire and brimstone; guilt; no trust in the Lord; I know best. Spare me. You will NOT do any work in this house.

The new police chief is, very likely, in for a very rough time. The former chief's family ran a notice in the paper that, reading between the lines, says "trouble's brewing." (Don't forget to click the image.) Hmmm. There's an unhappy contingent out there. Spoke to the female who was also at the top of the list. Seems the investigation has to do with her divorce. What does that have to do with her ability to do the job?

Oh, it is also interesting to see that the person I paid for a "housing inspection" (what a joke) is a member of this family. Isn't everybody related down here?

Changing horses before I forget. Why is McCain whining so much? Because he got out-slicked? Obama opted out of public financing for his campaign. So what? The taxpayers have been saved some money. Not that we will EVER see it. I believe it was stated that only 10% of the people contribute to the funding. Seems to me that the vast majority of the people don't want to finance your (politicians collectively, not individually) run for the highest office in the land. Personally, I want to contribute to the candidate of my choice; not necessarily the one ordained. Anyway, get over it. It is not the end of the world as we know it.

More bricks, concrete, ankle-breaking holes, are being exposed in the yard. Courtesy of the hounds, of course. Caladiums are coming up around one of the trees. Only one canna, so far. Next year, I'll be sure to plant bulbs in droves to make up for the ones that won't bloom. Some of the roses are sprouting blooms. If they survive the summer and winter, they will be very pretty next spring.

The hounds have also kept me hopping this week. Actually, just shaking my head. Houdini I and II, respectively. One slips the chain and disappears; then the other. Or both. I guess they are just down-right bored with being chained. I would be, too. Needless to say, the law says they must be chained or penned within city limits. Fines are in order. Do I need that? Cindy did her disappearing trick and came back later looking very pleased with herself. When I hitched her back to her post, she stood there for a minute and then just keeled over as if to say "aw, hell!" I'm more afraid that they will get hit as they bound over the hill and across the street. Cindy spied a cat across the street as I was putting them in and off she went, like a shot. Treed the damned cat and was not coming back. Big Boy couldn't make up his mind as to whether he was following or obeying me. Give him a little more time and he'll keep going too. She spent the night out. A severe punishment, I'm sure.

As for me, I'm hanging in here. Uncle Arthur is plaguing the hands something fearful. But, I'm blessed. And very thankful.

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