June 12, 2008


The world is coming to an end. I'm convinced. A Black man is on the ticket to be elected president of these United States and the great city of Ripley has hired a Black man to run the police department. Be still, my heart!

Landis G Garrison, Sr., a native son and former Texas Ranger, will start his new position on Monday. Click on the image to read the article. I didn't copy the continuation because it just listed every job Garrison ever held in his life. Kinda of like my resume. It's kind of obvious that they didn't interview him; just strung together sentences from his resume/application. Congratulations to Chief Garrison. And the Black female who also applied? Came in second. Get 'em, Pam!

In making the announcement, the councilman in charge of the search, complimented the current chief on not "embarrassing the town" and noted that something had to be done because 17 parking tickets had been issued in the previous month. Now, I realize that I'm dense at times but just what was he trying to say? Don't write tickets? The tickets were unjustified? Does anybody have a clue?

It is now crystal clear as to why I can't find decent employment. Lauderdale County has the second highest unemployment rate in the state! 9.2% Can you believe it? Just my luck. Add to that stat the announcement that a major plant is closing; over 500 people out of work. Plant closing I will happily dress for Wally World this afternoon.

The tomato scare across the nation means increased demand for the famed Ripley tomato. Channel 3 news carried the following:

Tomato Scare Helping Local Growers

FAST FACTS: Concern over tomatoes and salonella could help small growers Ripley, TN says calls are coming in for their locally grown tomatoes Rilpey Tomato Festival July 11 and 12 Ripley/Lauderdale

Hmm, looks like they need a proofreader. Salonella? Rilpey? Anyway, my tomato plants probably haven't grown an inch since they hit the dirt and we've had plenty of rain and heat. Lo and behold, one plant has the cutest little (and I mean little) tomato on it. Obviously, I won't have anything to contribute. LOL! But, that patch of ground can't be totally infertile. One of the climbing rose bushes planted at the same time has produced two blooms. They are so pretty.

A terrible storm started while I was at work and the hounds, naturally, were outside. Pulled into the garage, where the motion lights are NOT working (can't figure out how to remove the covering to replace the bulb), and was half out of the car. Here's this shadow slowly approaching me. You can only make out the shape and there's no noise. Took several seconds and a stifled scream before I realized that it was Big Boy. You cannot see that dog in the dark, not even his eyes. Scared the living hell out of me. The thunder and lightening, not to mention rain, must have scared him and he was able to escape his too big collar. Poor Cindy was still chained, looking like a drowned rat. Poor baby. Happy feet must be an inherited trait because I've caught him running free since then.

One bumper to go. My coworkers are killing me. I've got more scratches now then I had living in DC where I had to park on the street. Think I'll have to start doing like my peeps and park at an angle so that they can't park beside me. If you can't pull into the space, try another one! Stop hitting my car!

And, finally, a loud round of applause and hearty congrats to KB for completing his course. Stay focused.

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