June 08, 2008

Lawd, Have Mercy!

Big Rip is not the sleepy little metropolis that I thought it was. It has joined the long list of cities who have teachers accused of having sexual relations with their students. You read that right. A female teacher at the high school has been indicted on charges of having relations with her students. Girls, no less! Is that a first? Amy Elder is related to Miz Elder at Jennings Realty, the one who wears the fabulous jewelry, on her husband's side.

Something has died in the house. It stinks to high hell. Yeah, yeah, I hear the snickers. Well, for all the smarty-pants, I heard something fall between the living room and bedroom walls, the other evening. Scared me to death. Must have been a bird. And, of course, I've blocked the fireplace by putting the heater in that spot. Wonder if that will cause a problem this winter? Right now? The concern is staying cool. Broke down and turned on the air. Can a sistah catch a break? Straight from high heating bills to high cooling bills? Sheez.

Thought I was getting a break at Wally World this week. Had more hours than I've had since Christmas. Working the fitting room and switchboard. Get to sit on my rusty dusty! Hallelujah! N-O-T. Pulled to put up stock in housewares. The manager, Mz. T, is on vacation, so why did she appear to supervise? Give me a break. Get a life. Told that it would only take an hour; took five hours and three people. Saturday, I worked all day in housewares. What happened to resting my brown round? So tell me why I've been told that only 16.5 hours are allotted to housewares? Can't live off of that. And no discussion of putting me in other areas--you have to talk to the store manager (on vacation). No problem. Talking is my strong suit. And it gives me a week to prepare my dialog.

One of the young ladies who helped unload the truck had to be hospitalized that same night. Spent several days there. Turns out that she was not supposed to do heavy lifting because she'd had a heart attack previously. You can't look at people and tell about their health. Wally World has denied her sick leave because in the opinion of the personnel director, "she didn't need to be hospitalized." Excuse me. Can you just check yourself into a hospital now and stay until you feel like going home? Is there a M.D. behind the personnel director's name?

The refrigerator is limping along. Must have overfilled the freezer. Had to turn on the small freezer to save all of my food. Happy that it was working. Now the lower half is barely making it. Just barely keeping things cool. So, come payday, I'll have to get someone in to fix it. AAAAARGH! Mo' money, mo' money.

And to wind up a week of irony, I've been waiting for the library's book sale. Got a load of books to donate and looking forward to getting my sack of books for $5. Beats the hell out of paying Wally World for brand new ones. Wouldn't you know that the sale was scheduled for Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. ? Guess who was at work during those hours? Lawd, have mercy.

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