July 07, 2008

Coming of Age

Hope your 4th was great. You have to check out Jackie Lawson's card:
4th of July Her skills are just awesome!

I cannot believe the changes in Big Boy. Obedient (mostly), sit on command--no run until he feels like stopping, heel (just what the hell was that?), walk on a leash without galloping (pulling me along in the process), stay (do whaat?), and stay in the yard without a leash (for the most part). Are we talking about the same dog? The same one that I have come close to murdering more times than a little?

What brought about the change, you ask? Must be a male thing. SF flew in for a little R&R and, in just over a couple of hours, made him "man up." Cock of the walk. Man of the hour. King of his kingdom. Good grief. That bonding period draws similarities to the human counterpart. Young males need a strong male figure around. Are you listening, my brothers?

So now that he is a "pleasure" to have around, what does he do after SF leaves? Broke off of the chain and was waiting at the back door when I came out later. Took he and Cindy (Miss Floozie, Hot to Trot, Jezebel) around to the front. Going to read, enjoy my porch, and let the folks riding by know that someone actually does live at 121. Now, will someone tell me why this man walked by with a black chow while I was looking for a place to secure them? Bedlam at Serendipity. Fortunately, I was holding both chains. The chow ignored them. Thank you. Now, after we're settled and yours truly is giving thanks to the Almighty for my blessings, here comes a young fellow with the same dog and instead of going through the library lot like the other man did, he walks the chow on this side of the street. Intentional? I think so.

Time to go to the back. Leave Big Boy chained to the front banister while I walk Cindy to the back. Came back to the front to find that Big Boy has jumped the railing and is sitting in my fledgling flower bed, going crazy. Why he didn't kill himself, I will never know. Guess it wasn't his time.

Changes at the homestead. Cannon showed up, unexpectedly, while I was making the trek to Memphis, and installed the outside water faucet. I'm thankful. Of course, he was supposed to have done it the day before. And it's on the wrong side of the bush. But it works. No, we won't be watering grass but lugging water to the flowers was getting mighty old. And, an outside water source was badly needed. The things you take for granted.

The patio can be used without baking in the sun, courtesy of SF. A gazebo, canopy, tent, is in place. Fits very nicely into the space. Fellow from Cole's came by, after hours, with his assistants (son and daughter) and put it together. Have to order the netting. A must. I am one big mosquito bite. Listerine works for a little while but is not long-lasting.

There's also a barbecue grill. Don't get excited. It's a small table-top. The only thing needed because I don't grill. Another amenity available to my "guests." LOL. We did shrimp, sausages, and grilled veggies. Very tasty.

The camera must go to the shop. And the repairman must come fix the fridge. Guess which one has high priority?

Good luck, Number One Son. Thank you, JB. Thank you, SF.

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