July 10, 2008

Unchain Me

Miss Floozie, aka Cindy, does not like being chained. Period. She loves to roam. Given the slightest opportunity, she is off. Turn your head--poof. Look right at her--gone. And the young lady is canny. She managed to get off the chain three times on Tuesday. Thought I had her firmly secured and came in that night to be greeted at the car with the chain still attached to her collar. The Ghost of Christmas Past had nothing on her as she went over the hill, chain and all. Last night she took off as soon as I got her untied. What's a sistah to do?

Good news and bad from Wally World. The young man who got the Training Coordinator position which I had applied for has been accepted into the Ass't. Mgr. program. He will train in Blytheville, AR. A man on the move. Very happy for him. No, I will not reapply. The position, at least at this store, doesn't offer any more hours/security than I am currently pulling.

Bad news is that a long-time employee was fired for selling a DVD to a minor. The father okayed the purchase; the mother came back to complain. The camera only showed the minor paying. Gone. I know that you are told about selling things such as alcohol and cigarettes to minors but was unaware of the zero-tolerance policy with respect to DVDs.

The management hierarchy is predominantly male. Makes it a little rough on the three females in that circle. The newest addition to the female side is receiving a hard time but she'll be okay, if she doesn't let it get her down. Seems as though they are on a personal vendetta against her. "Green bean." As though they dropped into those positions fully-trained. The females aren't much better. "She's doing too much." And, you just know that she has not been accepted into the clique. All of which is trickling down to the lower-level employees. "I just don't like hurh!"

The 25th Tomato Festival is set to kick off on Friday and Saturday. Activities have been moved from the town square to the park. Probably better in terms of parking and accommodating large groups but certainly leaves the square idle, AGAIN. We know where I'll be on both days.

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