July 13, 2008

You Know It's Hot

... When the dog paws his water dish looking for the last drop of water. I'd just filled the dish. He was thirsty. When you put a fan up for the brood so that they won't bake on the porch overnight.
When the thermometer reaches 100 degrees. And it is only July. By the way, Wally World has some portable indoor/outside fans, battery operated and an a/c connection, for $10.00. Picked up one for the back room but using it for the brood. Don't know which will be cheaper; buying batteries or plugging it in. Lord, the things I do for this crew.

So please tell me, if the temps outside are in the high 90's, why is the temperature inside Wally World 80 degrees? Sopping wet, perm fading, close to passing out. I thought at first that it was my own personal summer until I went to check the thermometer display (you know I did). EACH and every one of them read 80 degrees. Excuse me? Doesn't that fall under unfair labor practices or health endangerment or something?

The Player is 26. A regular riot. And does not like the newest female manager. Says she came at him wrong. I waited for over an hour for him to show up with the shelving she requested. Went looking for it myself. Finally saw him. "Where is the shelf?" "Oh, Miz Gwen, you know it slipped my mind." "No it didn't. You know you had no intention of bringing those shelves." He fell out laughing. "You got me." Suggested that he pull her to the side and try to strike a truce.

Don't know how the daytime festivities went for the Tomato Festival but the carnival rides and evening activities were canceled due to weather. No refunds. Folks coming into the store were ticked. Excuse me...didn't you see that forked lightning split the sky? Not that I don't understand their feelings about lost money. Still, let's use some common sense.

Touching on politics, as usual. Jesse Jackson shot his foot OFF! Everybody, at this point in time, should be aware of the possibility that a mike is live. Lord knows we've had enough instances of inadvertent comments. Prudence is the order of the day when miked up. But that aside...what on earth was he thinking? You might think it but you don't say it. In a public place? Probably not even in the sanctity of your own home. Now, Jesse, you were neutralized when they brought out the piece about the mistress and baby. You've now labeled yourself "unclean." A pariah. Sheez.

And the King siblings are at war. Dexter, the actor, is being sued by the others for mismanagement of funds. 32 mil is a lot to worry about. Especially when he just bought a house for 4.1 million. Now which list of actors is he on? A, B, or D? Since I don't see him headlining, it must be D.

Mark your calendars for "Black in America," on CNN, July 23/24. Sure to be interesting. Maybe I'll suggest that it be required viewing for my previous employers. LOL. I missed "Daughters of Legacy" last night but it is scheduled to be repeated this evening at 6 p.m. If you saw it, let me know what you thought.

Prayers are needed for Miz Dee as she undergoes surgery on Monday. God is with you, girlfriend.

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