July 14, 2008

This is why

It's Boule time. AKA is celebrating 100 years, in Washington, D.C., no less! Beta Lambda sorors are gathering for a reunion. Thanks, Sheila, for the 4-1-1. The Most Gracious Ladies of Ripley and surrounding areas are all gone to my hometown. And, just where am I? Not being snide but they have NOT been gracious to me. What happened to the sisterhood, sistahs?

Speaking of the Boule, I read several of the on-line comments re the Washington Post's articles on the Boule and Michelle Obama's being given honorary membership. Several of them turned my stomach. Someone posted a "photo" of Mrs. Obama's acceptance; click the link and there's a photo of Aunt Jemima. Others ridiculed the sorority, its existence, the fact that it is African-American (although membership is open to all and several ethnicities are members). Hellooooo.... Aren't there white Greek societies? Aren't whites given honorary membership into organizations without reaction? Racism/ignorance is alive and well in the US of A.

Watched some of the opening ceremony for baseball's All-Star game. The last year for Yankee Stadium. I was fortunate to go there once. My sinuses were killing me and the pills I took for relief put me to sleep. You just know that would happen to me, right? Great embarrassment. We left early.

The groundhogs were giving the brood a break but I guess they decided that they were there first and the dogs are tied. No fear. Miss Floozie's bark is getting more shrill by the minute. Frenetic best describes her. Big Boy just tries to tear down everything in sight. Poor bushes.

Ms. Dee, glad to hear that everything is okay. Take it easy.

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bandit said...

Well that explains the loud screeches and hollering I was hearing on the subway as I was delightfully surrounded (during rush hour ) of a sea of Pink and Green