July 31, 2008

What a Dilemma

Sent my resume off to another correction facility. Tennessee has tons of them. State-run; federally-run; privately-run. Maybe I can erect a facility on the north 40. Anyway, after weeks and weeks, I received a call on Tuesday telling me to show up on Wednesday. Talking about advanced notice. Okay...I need a better paying job so you know I'm on it.

The sinus infection has moved to the chest and I've over-medicated myself. Feeling kind of woozy and off-center on Wednesday a.m., but I am driving this car the one hour and seven minutes that the computer says it will take me to arrive at my destination. Miz Maggie has been charged.

In case you haven't looked at a map recently, Tennessee is one wide state. It takes forever to get anywhere. An hour's commute here is routine; equivalent to a 15 to 30-minute commute in DC. "Country road, take me home" was uppermost in my mind as I wound my way from Lauderdale, through Haywood, and arrived in Hardeman County. Some of the time was on the interstate, most of it on two-lane roads. One thing is for sure and two things are for certain: you do not want to run out of gas or break down and you'd better have a cell phone to call for help. Crops are looking good, TN. Whatever it is that is coming up. I don't have a clue.

Get to the facility with time to spare. "We're in the second building." What second building? She must have meant inside the facility. Go through the series of gates, introduce myself, take a seat as directed. At 9:25 a.m., the receptionist graciously announced that I must be at the wrong facility. I must want the other one. Where is that? "Down the road, on the right. You can't miss it." So much for being on time. Down the road, turn in. NO PARKING. It is visitation day and every damned spot is taken. Parked on the grass, ignoring the "DO NOT PARK" signs, along with everyone else. Follow three young ladies into the facility. Can't help but notice one woman's feet look as though she'd walked through tar. I mean the dirt was ground into every crease on her feet. Unbelievable. And, of course, I'm now late for the appointment.

Didn't matter. The young lady who was to do the interview strolled for over an hour before she decided to call me in. The room that she intended to use was occupied. Then her partner disappeared, wasn't in, something, so she had to conduct it alone. A series of 14 questions--none related to my skills or experience--primarily on interpersonal skills. "You had a wonderful interview. Let me see if they want you to take the drug test." Drug Test? I can't take a drug test; my system is so full of drugs until I could sell my urine to the inmates. Explained this; no problem. After all that, I was told that if they decided to hire me (and they were making a decision that day, if possible), I would have to return on Friday. An orientation class would be held on Monday. They realized that it was short notice but they really needed someone. Now that is true. They need to get rid of several of those "Miss Cutey on duty" type of people and get in some who are about the business.

Somewhere along the line, $8 an hour was mentioned as the salary for one of the two positions available. I don't know which position I'm being considered for. Benefits, etc., were never discussed. As I rolled back along the country roads, using the a/c sparingly 'cause I need to conserve gas, I gave a lot of thought to this opportunity. No way can I drive an hour to and fro, using 1/2 tank of gas, for $8.00 an hour. Benefits or not. I can roll down the hill, in ten minutes, for that amount AND only use a tank of gas every two weeks.

So now I am waiting beside the phone to hear of their decision. Of course, my employer hasn't given a clue as to whether I'll get a promotion there, which translates into mo' money. Can I catch a break?

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