July 29, 2008

What's Happening?

Mega earthquake in Los Angeles; Senator indicted...not a mention of either on the local evening news. You thought I was kidding when I said they don't know what's going on in the larger world. Oh so thankful for my computer and the internet. But there was a major shooting in the Binghampton area of Memphis. What's new? Folks and property shot up; area closed down; car pile-up as the shooters tried to escape.

As for the earthquake--a whole lot of shakin' going on. I don't think I have ever laughed as hard as I did when they showed clips of the reactions of people during the taping of Judge Judy and another court reality show. Judge Judy wasted no time in clearing the bench. Everybody was clearing the area except for the defendant and the plaintiff. They looked at each other as if to say "What now?" In the other clip, the judge, who doesn't get shown in this market, looked like a dazed duck as she turned and disappeared under her desk. The defendant and plaintiff slowly sank under their respective tables. Everybody else was moving very quickly in defiance of the "keep calm" orders. I don't know in which category I would land: stunned disbelief or major panic. Probably the latter.

And you surely didn't think I was going to avoid Black in America, did you? I've watched it several times--you know you can count on CNN to replay something to death--and my opinion hasn't changed. Good, but it wasn't enough. As usual, however, I'm at odds with some of my friends. They are dismayed (weak word) that CNN focused on the troubles and not the successes. The successes are too few and far-in-between. To focus solely on those who have made it gives a totally false picture. They are only a scintilla of the Black population. And don't think the quota system is outdated. Our playing field is far too uneven; our children (Black males in particular) should not wonder whether they will be pulled over, questioned, accused of theft in a store because they don't look like they can afford an item, yada yada. As old as I am, I shouldn't get a twinge of fear or pique when a policeman pulls in behind me. This series needed to be done. It needs to continue until we all wake up and things change even more.

Campbell Brown just did a thing on Aids in Black America and the fact that the U.S. sends more money overseas to fight this disease than it spends on Americans, Black Americans, who are suffering in epidemic proportions. Discussions such as this, arising from the series, will hopefully effect change. Far more so than depictions of our BIG house, our BIG CAR, Bling, and living large. Not that I have anything against having a BIG house, car, bling, or living large. I'm still striving.

No, not every Black is addicted or imprisoned, homeless, fatherless, etc. But far too many of us have been in or encountered a family member or friend in that position. Too many "baby mamas," too many single-parent households, too many dropouts and bad educational systems consigning youth to special education programs, alternative schools. PLEASE.

Alright, the sermon is done. Peace.

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